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How To Save Instagram Video for free in 2023

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with most celebrities using it to post music videos, photographs, and other comedic short videos online. Most people find it difficult to save or download these films or photographs to their devices, but in this series of blogs, we’ll walk you through the many methods for getting the files you want to save to your device.

We would still take the steps on using your smartphone to save your Instagram files to your device since we live in a world of smart things ( Smartphone like Android and IOS )

How To Save Instagram Video for free in 2023

Instagram is also reported to be an instant messenger, which means you may send and receive messages from your friends who you follow and those who follow you on Instagram, as well as share files you download on Instagram with them if Mark Zuckerberg is acquired and the platform’s CEO.

Let’s look at what you’ll need to be able to save files from Instagram, as there isn’t a way for users to save files, photographs, or videos from the program.

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  1. A mobile phone ( Android )
  2. Downloader for Instagram lite, It’s available on the Google Play Store.


How To Save Instagram Video for free

On Downloader for Instagram lite, here’s how to save images and videos.

  • Download from the link above or click here for a direct download and instructions.
  • Install the InstaSaver application.
  • After the app has been successfully installed on your smartphone, open it. You’ll find them. On the app Downloader for Instagram lite for Instagram Menu, you may see a list of Menu tabs. As demonstrated below, you may download instagram videos and images, as well as save instagram stories.
  • Now open the Instagram app and look for the video or picture you want to save or save to your smartphone.
  • Three dots appear in the upper right corner of the picture or video you wish to save from Instagram.
  • Select the option of copy link from the three-dot menu bar. As soon as you click on copy link, you will be sent to a page where you may copy the URL
  • If you have a file to download, it will begin to download from the InstaSaver app.
  • Simply put the URL into the Downloader for Instagram lite app’s given field and click “Download.”


With Downloader for Instagram lite you can download video and images for free


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