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WP Rocket Premium Plugin v3.10.3 Free Download [GPL VERSION]

WP Rocket Premium Plugin v3.10.3 is the latest version of this world-class plugin that provides you with all the premium features offered by WP Rocket at one-third of the cost if you buy it separately. If you do not want to go for a monthly subscription model, there is no better alternative than buying this single license key and using it indefinitely on as many sites as you would like.

We’ve made the WP Rocket Premium plugin available for free download today. The WP Rocket Premium Plugin that has been shared is not broken or nulled. One of the most highly regarded cache cleaner plugins is WP Rocket Premium Plugin.

WP Rocket is a premium WordPress plugin created by the folks at WPMU Dev and used by over 30,000 customers to speed up their websites and blogs. It has been responsible for 15x improvements in site loading times on some of the world’s busiest e-commerce sites such as and as well as the websites of several celebrities such as Neil Patel (the internet marketing guy) and Lewis Howes (author of The School of Greatness).

WP Rocket is very easy to use, is mobile-ready out-of-the-box, has powerful features built for pros, friendly customer support, and a free staging environment to take your sites for a test drive. It provides you with all the methods available in HTTP/2 for making your site faster such as browser caching, minification of HTML, CSS & JS, font optimization, and much more!

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WP Rocket is an awesome plugin that has great support from its developer team.

Features of WP Rocket Premium Plugin

  • CDN Compatibility
  • Simple to customize and set up
  • There is no need for any technical knowledge to utilize this product.
  • It is compatible with all types of websites.
  • Settings that are simple to grasp
  • On installation, the recommended settings are automatically enabled.
  • Images, iFrames, and movies that are sluggish
  • File optimization is supported.
  • File compression is supported.
  • Cache lifespan can be customized.
  • You can use this feature to prefetch DNS requests.
  • Option for forced cache refresh
  • Page pre-loading
  • URLs from sitemaps are preloaded.
  • Compression with GZip
  • Google fonts optimization
  • Support for preload cache
  • By optimizing the database, you can reduce its size.
  • Browser caching is supported.
  • Allows you to get rid of query strings.
  • Assists you in achieving 90+ Google Page Speed Insights ranking
  • Cloudflare integration
  • A separate cache is used for the mobile site.
  • Improve the site’s overall performance.
  • Fix wrongly typed URLs in the DNS prefetch option field automatically.
  • For requests to the Cloudflare API, wp remote get has been used instead of curl.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • Compatibility with CDN URLs that include a path has been added.
  • When using PHP 7.4 and Cloudflare Flexible SSL, you can avoid receiving a PHP notification.
  • When using the Xtra theme and one social pop-up login, you can avoid nonces concerns.
  • Prevent the new OptinMonster JS URL from being used with the JavaScript option.
  • Improved AMP compatibility with the AMP plugin, which uses the? amp option to automatically cache URLs.
  • The “Combine Google Fonts” option has been renamed “Optimize Google Fonts,” and the description has been updated, as this option now does more than just combine.
  • Improvement: When utilizing the “Optimize Google Fonts” option, automatically add a pre-connect request to to enhance Google fonts loading time.
  • Improvement: Add support for Amazon Cloudfront.
  • Fixes a bug causing the Google fonts cache to be purged incorrectly, which caused some sites to see an increase in loading time.
  • Bugfix: In certain conditions, when getting a status code of 404 during optimization, it could return a status code of 200 instead. This was fixed.
  • Bugfix: When optimizing the Google fonts, the HTTP status code 503 returned by Google could be fixed as 200 instead of 503. This has now been fixed so that the correct response is sent across to WP Rocket’s servers making it easier for our servers to find out if any font files failed to optimize or not.


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