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Download Sketchware Pro Apk Latest Version 2023/2024

Sketchware Pro Apk is a program that runs on Android devices and allows you to create apps for Android without having to learn complex languages. This software works with the block function, which allows you to construct applications quickly by placing blocks.

The sketchware software can be used by novices who want to create Android applications without having to become familiar with the scripts to which they are accustomed. It works by combining distinct blocks of code to build apps.

But recently, this application was deleted from Google, as stated by the developers of the application, as they announced that they would stop developing this program, and promised users that they would return with a new version during 2023.

Some people have reverse engineered the application and added many features, making it more professional. So today we’ll learn how to download sketchware pro, the upgraded version of sketchware, which some users have reverse engineered and incorporated many improvements.

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Sketchware Pro Version Features

  1. Possibility to add external libraries.
  2. The ability to modify xml files.
  3. The ability to add files to assets from within the application.
  4. The ability to add access permissions.
  5.  New elements in building facades.
  6. New libraries.
  7. The ability to add new elements, components, and libraries to the application.
  8. The ability to import and export projects in swb format.
  9. Without annoying ads.
  10. And many other advantages that can not be limited to these lines.

The latest Sketchware Pro Apk has many new features like:

Easy coding: it is a simple and intuitive application also designed for beginners.

Visual block programming: building applications with blocks easily by dragging and placing the different available modules visually.

Scratch-style interface: an environment that resembles the basic programming language of Scratch, thus making the learning process easier.

Multiple display options: choose from different display options so as not to be too overloaded with information.

Source-code generation: it is a program that facilitates the generation of source code for easier coding and debugging on applications.

Compatibility: it is compatible with all Android devices and almost all Android versions.

How To Download Sketchware Pro Apk For Android Phone 2021/2023

If you want to download the latest version of sketchware pro apk, now we will explain how to do this easily and quickly.

The Sketchware Pro Apk can be download from this page by clicking on the download button at the end of the article.The Sketchware Pro Apk file is compatible with all Android devices.

There are no particular requirements for its usage, so you don’t need to have a high-end configuration of your device or a specific setup to utilize it.


  • Minimum Android version: 5.0 (API level 21).
  • Target Android version: 11.0 (API level 31).
  • Device with ARM processor.


Without having any doubt, we can say that Sketchware Pro Apk is one of the best programming applications currently not available in Google Play, not only for its use, but also because it has a very friendly and intuitive interface which makes learning the process easier.

With this application we will be able to develop our projects with great ease and we will have no problems when coding, as it works like a tutorial that guides us in the process of creating applications.

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