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Opay Vs Owealth: Differences Between Opay And Owealth

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial technology, individuals seeking enhanced financial services often find themselves in a dilemma when presented with multiple options. One such scenario involves choosing between Opay and Owealth, two distinct services offered by the same company, Opera Norway AS Group. Opay primarily focuses on providing digital payment solutions, while Owealth is an investment platform with a range of investment possibilities. This comprehensive analysis delves into the features, differences, and considerations to aid users in making an informed choice between Opay and Owealth.

What is Opay ?

Opay is a mobile-based fintech platform designed to cater to a multitude of financial needs, including payments, transfers, loans, savings, and more. With an extensive user base of around 30 million registered app users and 500,000 agents in Nigeria, Opay has firmly established itself as a reliable platform for sending and receiving money, bill payments, and other financial transactions.

Operated by Opera Norway AS Group, Opay has expanded its operations across Asia, Africa, and Latin America, serving countries like Mexico, Nigeria, Egypt, and Pakistan. The platform’s convenience and accessibility have contributed to its popularity, offering users the ability to manage their finances through a user-friendly mobile app.

What is Owealth ?

Owealth, a subsidiary under Opay, presents a compelling investment and savings platform integrated within the Opay App. The platform allows users to not only save a portion or the entirety of their Opay funds but also earn daily interest on these savings. With a fixed yearly interest rate of 15%, Owealth offers a considerably more appealing option compared to the 6% interest offered by traditional Nigerian banks.

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This investment avenue within the Opay ecosystem enables investors to allocate varying amounts of funds, which can remain invested throughout the year or be withdrawn as needed. The comprehensive range of investment options provided by Owealth, such as fixed deposits, mutual funds, and stocks, contributes to its appeal as a robust choice for those seeking to grow their wealth.

Opay vs Owealth: Key Features 


  • Digital Payment Solutions: Opay excels in providing digital payment solutions, including money transfers, airtime recharge, and bill payments. These services are accessible through the Opay mobile app and website, offering ease of use.
  • Mobile Wallet: Opay offers a convenient mobile wallet that facilitates transactions at various merchants, both online and offline. It serves as a versatile tool for sending and receiving money seamlessly.
  • Multiple Payment Options: The platform supports various payment methods such as debit cards, bank transfers, and USSD codes, offering users flexibility in their transaction preferences.
  • Referral Program: Opay incentivizes users with a referral program, enabling them to earn cash rewards by introducing friends and family to the platform.
  • Customer Support: With a 24/7 customer support team accessible through phone, email, and social media, Opay ensures users receive assistance for their queries and concerns promptly.

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  • Investment Options: Owealth diversifies investment opportunities, offering fixed deposits, mutual funds, stocks, and more. This caters to varying risk appetites and financial objectives.
  • Savings Platform: Owealth’s savings platform provides users with a chance to save and earn interest at competitive rates, with the flexibility to withdraw funds at any time.
  • Expert Advice: The platform offers expert advice, research reports, and market insights to empower users with informed investment decisions and keep them updated on market trends.
  • Diversification: Owealth’s range of investment options minimizes risk by spreading investments across various avenues, reducing vulnerability to market fluctuations.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Owealth’s user-friendly interface, accessible via both mobile app and website, enhances user experience by simplifying navigation.

Differences Between Opay And Owealth

  1. Services Offered: The primary distinction lies in the services offered by each platform. Opay focuses on digital payment solutions, while Owealth caters to investment and savings needs.
  2. Investment Options: While Opay does not facilitate investment options, Owealth boasts a diverse array, including fixed deposits, mutual funds, and stocks, making it an ideal choice for those seeking financial growth.
  3. Risk: Opay transactions are relatively low-risk, whereas Owealth investments are subject to market fluctuations, implying potential shifts in investment values based on market performance.
  4. Customer Support: Opay provides customer assistance for digital payments, while Owealth supports customers with investment-related queries and concerns.
  5. Purpose: Opay serves day-to-day financial transactions, while Owealth aligns with long-term investment objectives, catering to distinct financial needs.


How do you earn interest on OPay? 

To earn interest on OPay through OWealth, you can invest and enjoy an annual interest of up to 15%. This interest is credited to your OWealth account every morning, providing a daily return on your investment. Notably, funds deposited into OWealth before 22:00 will begin accruing daily returns from the following morning. The flexibility to withdraw your funds at any time adds to the appeal of this investment platform.

What is the highest amount OPay can receive?

As an OPay merchant, you can send and receive money conveniently. Transactions require only the recipient’s OPay phone number. Your customers can also make payments to you through the platform. Notably, OPay merchants can handle up to 5 million Naira in daily transactions, offering a substantial capacity for financial activities. The registration process qualifies you to engage in these services, enabling seamless money management for both you and your customers.

What is the savings rate on OPay? 

The savings rate on OPay’s OWealth feature is 15% annually. This lucrative offering is highlighted alongside other prominent features through clear icons. In addition to the platform’s free transfers, users benefit from the substantial 15% annual interest on their savings with OWealth. New users are further incentivized with sign-on bonuses, and the platform extends cashback rewards for airtime and data recharges, enhancing the overall user experience and financial gains.

How does OPay gain profit? 

OPay generates profit by levying a nominal fee on each transaction processed for businesses using their app. Additionally, they accrue interest from the funds stored within the app, contributing to their revenue streams. This two-fold approach allows OPay to sustain profitability while providing valuable financial services to businesses and users alike.

How much can OPay Tier 2 receive at once? 

In OPay’s Tier 2, users can receive up to 200,000 naira in daily transactions and maintain a maximum balance of 500,000 naira. This translates to a daily transaction limit of 200,000 naira and a cap of 500,000 naira for the total account balance. This tier structure ensures that users can transact within these defined limits, promoting efficient financial management while utilizing the platform’s services.


Opay and Owealth, both subsidiaries of the Opera Norway AS Group, cater to diverse financial requirements across different regions. Opay specializes in digital payment solutions, while Owealth offers a spectrum of investment opportunities. While certain aspects such as customer support and accessibility are shared between the two platforms, they diverge significantly in areas like risk and purpose.

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