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15 Best Apps to Send Money to Nigeria from UK

Sending money internationally has become significantly easier with the advancement of technology and the rise of fintech solutions. This is particularly true when it comes to sending money to Nigeria from the United Kingdom. With numerous options available, individuals now have a variety of apps that offer competitive exchange rates, low fees, and fast transfer times. In this guide, we’ll explore the 15 best apps to send money to Nigeria from the UK, based on information from two reliable sources.

15 Best Apps to Send Money to Nigeria from UK


WorldRemit stands out as a versatile platform for sending money from the UK to Nigeria. Offering options like cash pickup, bank transfers, and airtime popups, it caters to various preferences. Users can transfer funds to major Nigerian banks and mobile wallets, although recent regulatory changes have impacted mobile wallet transfers. With a maximum daily transfer limit around ₦7,000,000, WorldRemit provides flexibility for different financial needs.

RIA Money Transfer

As one of the largest money transfer services globally, RIA Money Transfer facilitates transfers from the UK to Nigeria through partnerships with major Nigerian banks. The platform ensures transparency with clear charges and supports three payment methods: bank account, debit, or credit card. With a transaction limit of $500 for Nigeria, RIA offers a reliable and accessible option for individuals seeking to send money to family and friends.


Eversend, a multi-currency e-wallet, introduces a comprehensive solution for sending money, exchanging currencies, and making instant bank transfers to Nigerian accounts. Claiming to save up to 70% in fees and foreign exchange, Eversend appeals to users looking for cost-effective options. Additionally, the ability to create a virtual debit card enhances its functionality, enabling users to shop online and load the card in various currencies.

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Sendcash Africa

Sendcash Africa offers a unique approach to money transfers by leveraging cryptocurrency. Users in the UK can send money to Nigerian bank accounts swiftly using crypto, bank cards, Apple Pay, or a crypto wallet. The platform is particularly convenient for freelancers and creatives receiving payments from clients abroad. With a straightforward process and transaction limits varying based on the method used, Sendcash provides a fast and affordable option.


Remitly has established itself as a reliable digital alternative to traditional money transfer services. Operating from the UK, users can send money to Nigeria via cash pickup or bank deposit in US dollars. Recent updates specify delivery to specific Nigerian banks. Offering services in multiple countries, Remitly ensures a fast, secure, and cost-effective way to send money, making it a popular choice for international remittances.


Azimo prides itself on being one of the fastest and most cost-effective platforms for sending money to Nigeria from the UK. With options for cash pick-up and transfers to Dollar and Pound accounts in Nigeria via SWIFT, Azimo claims to be 77% cheaper than other providers. The platform’s emphasis on security, detailed instructions, and OTP SMS for authentication ensures a smooth and secure money transfer experience.


TransferGo positions itself as an affordable international money transfer company, serving over 47 countries with 22 supported currencies. Regulated by the FCA and supervised by HMRC, TransferGo maintains high-security standards. Its pricing model, based on competitive currency rates and transfer speed, makes it an attractive option for individuals looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to send money from the UK to Nigeria.


While not a traditional money transfer service, Paystack offers a unique solution for individuals outside Nigeria to send money to Paystack account holders. This Nigerian payment platform enables users to create payment links for debit or credit card transactions. Widely used by businesses, creatives, and freelancers for global transactions, Paystack provides an alternative to conventional money transfer services.

Send by Flutterwave

Send by Flutterwave serves as a money transfer service allowing individuals with Flutterwave accounts to receive funds globally. Supporting various transfer options, including local bank accounts, mobile money wallets, and cash pick-up, it offers flexibility to recipients. The ability to make instant transfers from different countries enhances its appeal, making it a convenient choice for those sending money to Nigeria.


WirePay presents itself as an app facilitating money transfers to Nigeria from the UK and 18 other African countries. In addition to sending money, the app offers features like buying discounted airtime and creating custom virtual cards. Supporting multiple currencies and providing free money exchange, WirePay offers users a comprehensive financial solution for cross-border transactions.


Changera emerges as a fast and secure app enabling users to send money to Nigeria from the UK. Beyond money transfers, the app allows bill payments and the creation of virtual dollar cards, enhancing its versatility. Users can fund their Changera wallets through cards or bank transfers, providing flexibility in how they manage their finances.


Formerly known as Aboki, Grey provides foreign bank accounts to Africans, enabling individuals to send money to Nigeria and other European countries. Supporting currency conversion and online spending, Grey caters to diverse financial needs. The app’s ability to facilitate money transfers from Africa to the UK and Europe positions it as a comprehensive financial tool for users.


Sendwave focuses on quick and secure money transfers to Nigeria from the UK, with the option for USD cash pickup at specific Nigerian banks. The platform’s affordability, with an extra Naira incentive for every USD sent, has attracted over 600K users. With a user-friendly approach and the ability to send funds without the recipient needing a bank account, Sendwave addresses the evolving needs of international remittances.


As one of the oldest and most reliable global money transfer services, MoneyGram offers a familiar option for sending money to Nigeria from the UK. With a vast network of agent locations and partnerships with 400 banks worldwide, MoneyGram ensures that funds reach their intended destination securely and promptly, making it a trusted choice for international transfers.

Western Union

Western Union, the largest money transfer service globally, remains a go-to option for individuals sending money from the UK to Nigeria. Established in 1851, Western Union’s extensive network and agent locations worldwide provide convenience for recipients. Despite the evolving landscape of money transfers, Western Union’s reputation and accessibility make it a reliable choice for those who prefer traditional options.


Which UK app can I use to send money to Nigeria?

If you’re sending from a credit/debit card, the TransferGo app is a reliable choice for sending money to a card or bank account in Nigeria. Its user-friendly interface and competitive rates make it a convenient option for international money transfers.

How can I send money from the UK to Nigeria?

To initiate your first money transfer to Nigeria, download the Revolut app on Android or iOS. Sign up and add funds to your Revolut account using your card or bank account. Select Nigerian Naira as the destination currency, provide the recipient’s details, and tap “Send” for a seamless transfer experience.

What is the best app to receive money from abroad in Nigeria?

The Pay4Me App stands out as an excellent choice for Nigerians to receive funds from abroad. Tailored for migrants and international students, it offers features like currency swapping, USD/CAD/EUR wallets, and rewards, making the process of sending and receiving money abroad more rewarding and seamless.

Can I use OPay to receive money from abroad?

Yes, the partnership between OPay and WorldRemit enables Nigerians to receive money from over 50 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, directly into their mobile phones. This collaboration provides a fast, easy, and affordable solution for receiving international funds through the OPay platform.

What is the cheapest way to send money from the UK to Nigeria?

Remitly emerges as the most cost-effective option, offering a Pound Sterling/Nigerian Naira exchange rate of 1,151.6000 with a fee of 7.4 GBP. Choosing Remitly for your money transfer to Nigeria provides a cost-saving advantage compared to other options, making it an economical choice for sending funds internationally.

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