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Apps Ideas for Beginners 2023

Welcome once again to HEALTHYGUIDE so today we’ll look into some Apps ideas for beginners. Application development is a good skill that can fetch you a lot of income either from ads monetization or building applications for clients on platforms like upwork, fiverr and the rest.

We have a lot of mobile applications available on playstore today with an unimaginable competition so for a beginner to be successful in this application development business you need to think out of the box, think of an application that provides values for mankind.

We brainstorm some app ideas for beginners(Niche) below.

Some Apps ideas for beginners

Workout apps : Workout mobile applications like body building apps, abs improvement apps, health monitoring apps, Doctor appointment apps and other health related app. The aim is to create something unique that can grow easily so make your app unique.

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Training Apps : We have some mobile applications that can improve learning and enhance our daily lives so creating applications in this aspect can make you grow faster as a newbie regardless of your level of perfection you can create mobile apps like mind training apps and lots more.

Brain puzzles: Newbies can also work on this niche because it actually gives values to users most especially childrens in education and all day to day activities.

Tunnel vpn : Creating applications like Ha tunnel can go a long way because of the free services provided and this will yield a high earning because apps like this make use of rewarded ads which is the most preferable ads format for developers.

Hospital Mobile Apps : Creating mobile applications for hospitals is also a good start, hospitals tend to pay more on their mobile application because it is one of the easiest ways to reach the health centre, creating an application with features like Doctors appointment, Showing active doctors and lots more.

App converter (Apk to Aab) : These days google play store only accept aab file format to be published on their platform so creating an application that can actually convert apk to aab is a great achievement which will attract a lot of audience.

Live streaming Apps : Newbies can also create a similar application like netflix but providing all features for free because this days almost everyone love free services so with this kind of application you can integrate a lot of ads network like applovin, startapp, Unity ads and lots


Here are some of the Apps ideas for beginners that are easy and less competitive. If you find this tutorial to be helpful, kindly share it with friends and stay tuned for more.

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