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How to create a Mobile Application without any Programming knowledge 2023

How to create a mobile application without any programming knowledge – Have ever wondered what, how or what it takes to create your own mobile application apps? 

It’s actually easier to create a mobile application without any programming knowledge, and all you need is your Sketchware, Android phone and the desire and determination to learn.

How to create a mobile application without any programming knowledge

Today on edumaz Using Sketchware you can create android apps using your mobile phone, install and monetize them. You can create any kind of application without needing any serious lines of code.

All required steps and tutorial needed to kickstart your application development career has been sequentially provided below all you to to click on each and read start from the basics to the end of the tutorial.

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1. Coming up with an app idea

2. Getting started with sketchware components

3. Variables and blocks

3. Some Useful tools

4. Some Useful tips

5. How I myself got started

Basic features to add to your app

• How to set up firebase

• How to connect your Sketchware app to Firebase

• How to create a login and sign-up page

• How to create a loading screen

• How to add language translations

• Move from one screen to another

Add more features to your app

  • How to initiate download in webview

• How to Create a spinner list

• How to search a listmap(multiple fields)

• How to search a firebase list

• How to pick an image using the file picker component

• How to do simple calculations in Sketchware

• Add a share button in Sketchware

• Add clickable items to drawer

• Create a custom dialog box in Sketchware

• How to easily create background notifications(Partially working)

Full App Tutorials

1. Make an app that converts text to speech

2. How to Convert website into an application

Monetizing your app

• Tips for monetizing your app

How to market a new mobile app

• Step by step guide to marketing and promoting a new app


Here are the steps on how to create a mobile application without any programming knowledge. if you find this tutorial helpful kindly share to friends.


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