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FCMB Online Banking and Mobile App Login With Phone Number, Email, Online Portal, Website

FCMB Bank stands out as a financial institution committed to providing secure and convenient online services. This comprehensive guide aims to elucidate the login procedures for FCMB Bank’s online banking and mobile app, shedding light on the steps required to access your account seamlessly.

FCMB Online Banking and Mobile App Login With Phone Number and Email

FCMB Bank caters to the digital needs of its customers through both online banking and a dedicated mobile app. Contrary to some popular methods, the login process does not involve using phone numbers or email addresses. Instead, users must rely on their unique usernames for both the mobile app and internet banking access.

FCMB Online Banking and Mobile App Login With Website

The official website serves as a hub for information about FCMB Bank’s products and services, offering insights and avenues for customer feedback and complaints. To access online banking through the website, users can simply hover over the “INTERNET BANKING” button in the secondary header. From there, navigating to the “Personal” column and selecting “FCMB ONLINE” initiates the login process. This user-friendly approach ensures customers can easily find their way to the online portal.

FCMB Online Banking and Mobile App Login With Online Portal

For users preferring the online portal, FCMB Bank provides a straightforward login process. Follow these steps to access your account securely:

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  • Visit the FCMB Bank Online Portal via the link ( using any web browser, such as Google Chrome.
  • Upon reaching the internet banking login page, input your unique credentials. If you haven’t registered for internet banking, a convenient “Don’t have Online Banking yet? Register Now” option is available.
  • Click on the “Login” button to proceed, completing the authentication process.

FCMB Bank’s commitment to user-friendly interfaces ensures that customers, both new and existing, can effortlessly navigate the online portal. The registration process is streamlined for those initiating their online banking journey, emphasizing the bank’s dedication to accessibility.

Troubleshooting: What To Do If You Can’t Access Your FCMB Account

If, after following the steps outlined above, you find yourself unable to access your FCMB Bank  account, consider the following:

  • DoubleCheck Information: Ensure that the Credentials entered during the login process is associated with your FCMB account. Any discrepancies may result in login issues.
  • App Updates: Check for updates to the FCMB app. Outdated versions may have bugs that could affect the login process.
  • Contact Customer Support: If all else fails, contact FCMB customer support for assistance. They can guide you in resolving login issues and ensuring a smooth user experience.


How do I activate FCMB online?

To activate FCMB online, log in to FCMBOnline (Internet Banking) personal version and click on the “Utilities” menu. Choose “FCMBOnline Mobile Token,” select the account to debit for mobile token activation, and click on “Process Request” to register.

How do I do online banking on my phone?

To perform online banking on your phone with FCMB, set up the FCMB mobile app by dialing *329# and following the simple instructions. This convenient USSD code allows users to access various banking services on their mobile devices.

How do I set up an FCMB bank account on my phone?

Open an FCMB Easy Account by dialing *329# and following the provided instructions. This hassle-free process simplifies account setup via your phone.

What is my username on the FCMB mobile app?

Retrieve your username on the FCMB mobile app by logging in, clicking on “forgot credentials,” and following the steps provided. Alternatively, contact the FCMB Contact Centre at 01-2798800 or 0700 329 0000, send an email to [email protected], or visit any FCMB branch for assistance.

What is the USSD code for FCMB?

The USSD code for FCMB is *329#. To access FCMB USSD services, customers need to register by dialing *329#, using their account number, and creating a transaction PIN.

How do I check my FCMB balance on my phone?

Dial *329*00# to check your FCMB balance on your phone. For additional services, such as resetting your PIN or creating a new transaction code, dial *329*0# for prompt assistance.

How do I block my FCMB account from another number?

If you suspect fraud, promptly block your FCMB account from another number by calling the Contact Centre at (07003290000) or emailing [email protected]. Additionally, for immediate action on a compromised ATM PIN, dial 329911# to secure your account.

What is FCMB’s new mobile app about?

The FCMB mobile app is an all-encompassing solution for personal and business financial services. Designed to be fast, convenient, and secure, the app features user-friendly navigation, simple-to-use functionalities, and an appealing layout, ensuring a seamless banking experience.

Can I open an FCMB account without BVN?

Yes, you can open an FCMB account without providing a BVN. While the account will be instantly created, full operational status requires BVN submission. Your account number will be generated upon application, facilitating a swift opening process.

How can I talk to FCMB customer care?

Engaging with FCMB customer care is easy. Dial 0700 329 0000 or 01-279 8800 to enjoy their telephone self-service experience, following the voice prompts for a seamless interaction. For additional information or queries, you can also reach out via email at [email protected]

How do I block my FCMB account if my phone is stolen?

In the unfortunate event of a stolen or missing phone, swiftly secure your FCMB account by dialing 329911# from any mobile phone number. This user-friendly USSD code ensures prompt action to block your account, preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding your financial assets in case of emergencies.


FCMB Bank’s online banking and mobile app login procedures prioritize security without compromising on user convenience. By steering away from traditional methods like phone numbers and email addresses, the bank ensures a robust and personalized experience for its customers. Whether opting for the website or the dedicated online portal, users can navigate the login process effortlessly, underscoring FCMB Bank’s commitment to delivering seamless digital banking services.

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