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Carbon Customer Care Number, Whatsapp Contact and Office Addresss

When it comes to managing loans, having great customer support is crucial and Carbon which happens to be one of the leading, lending platforms in Nigeria recognizes this importance. In this article, we’ll provide you with essential contact information for Carbon Customer Care. Whether you’re seeking to borrow money or have inquiries, Carbon is dedicated to assisting you. We’ll share details such as their phone number, WhatsApp number, email address, and office address. Stay tuned for the information you need to maximize your experience with Carbon.

Carbon Customer Care Number

Despite extensive research, it’s crucial to note that Carbon does not publicly display a customer care phone number on its official social media pages or main website. The absence of a listed phone number underscores Carbon’s commitment to user security by avoiding potential misuse or scams. For legitimate inquiries, users are encouraged to utilize the app’s live chat support or reach out via the provided email address ([email protected]), ensuring a secure and reliable means of communication. Relying on the officially endorsed channels helps maintain the integrity of customer interactions with Carbon.

Carbon Customer Care WhatsApp Contact:

Carbon does not maintain any official WhatsApp number for customer care, and users are advised to avoid trusting unofficial online sources. The company directs users to its live chat support within the app as the legitimate means of seeking assistance. This ensures that users can communicate directly with the official source, minimizing the risk of falling victim to potential scams.

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Carbon Customer Care Email Address

Carbon provides a dedicated customer support email address: [email protected]. Users can send inquiries, concerns, or feedback to this email address, and Carbon’s support team, operating 24/7, is committed to providing timely and informative responses. The emphasis on security and user satisfaction underscores Carbon’s dedication to ensuring a seamless and supportive experience for all users.

Carbon Customer Care Office Address

In addition to digital communication channels, Carbon acknowledges the significance of a physical contact address for formal inquiries or situations requiring face-to-face interaction. The head office in Nigeria is located at; 642C Akin Adesola Str, Victoria Island, Lagos. This transparency in providing a physical office address reflects Carbon’s commitment to accessibility and openness.


Which bank is Carbon under?

Carbon is a licensed Microfinance Bank under the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), and deposits are insured by the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC). Its registration number is RC 1642222.

What happens if you don’t pay Carbon loan?

Persistent non-repayment may lead to legal action, including debt collection or court proceedings. Defaulting could also make you ineligible for future loans from Carbon or other financial institutions.

Is Carbon loan app real?

Yes, Carbon is a reliable and trustworthy loan app. Users have reported positive experiences, praising its reliability and the convenience of installment repayment.

How much can I borrow from Carbon loan app for the first time?

As a new customer, you may be eligible for loans ranging from ₦30,000 to ₦600,000, depending on criteria and subsequent loan offerings.

Is Carbon approved by CBN?

Yes, Carbon Microfinance Bank Limited is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to provide financial services via its mobile application.

Does Carbon bank have another name?

Originally known as ‘Paylater,’ the name was changed to Carbon to reflect the expansion of services beyond loans to include payments, investments, and personal finance management.

How do I check my Carbon account number?

Log into the Carbon app, and your account number is displayed on the home page, serving as a unique identifier for transactions.

Who owns Carbon?

Carbon was founded by Chijioke Dozie and Ngozi Dozie in 2012. It started as a digital lending company and has evolved into a comprehensive digital finance platform.

How do I pay my Carbon loan?

Loan repayment is deducted from your Carbon Account or the linked debit/ATM card on the due date, ensuring a convenient and straightforward process.

How long does it take Carbon to approve a loan?

Carbon aims to provide a loan decision within minutes. If approved, funds are disbursed directly into the user’s Carbon account within minutes of approval.

How long does Carbon loan take?

The disbursement of funds with Carbon is typically swift, often occurring within 24 hours or less after accepting the loan offer. This quick turnaround ensures that users have timely access to the requested funds.

How to apply for a loan in Carbon loan app?

To apply for a loan on the Carbon app, download it from your preferred app store, sign in or sign up, complete the application form with valid information, and click on “apply for loan.” Specify the desired loan amount to initiate the application process.

Does Carbon have a dollar card?

Yes, Carbon offers a virtual card, known as the Getcarbon virtual card, allowing users to make and receive international payments in dollars while residing in Nigeria. This feature ensures the safety of funds during instant transactions.

How do I transfer money from my Carbon account?

To transfer money from your Carbon account, log in, select ‘Send money,’ add a new recipient by entering their bank account details, select the bank name, enter the amount, continue to ‘Securely Pay,’ and confirm the payment by inputting your Carbon pin.

Can Carbon borrow me money?

Carbon facilitates the loan application process online. Start by filling out the form and providing necessary documents like National ID, bank statements, and a passport photograph. Once reviewed and approved, the money is promptly deposited into your bank account.

Is FairMoney the same with Carbon?

Both Carbon and Fairmoney are licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to offer lending services. They provide a range of financial services, including personal and business loans, payments, funds transfers, credit scoring, as well as savings and investment options. While similar in function, each platform may have unique features and offerings.

Does Carbon loan ask for BVN?

Yes, Carbon loan requires your BVN (Bank Verification Number) during the account registration process. This ensures the security and authenticity of the registration, confirming that the individual creating the account is the rightful owner. The BVN is a crucial identification element that enhances the overall security of the Carbon platform, providing a reliable means to verify user identity and prevent unauthorized access.


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