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Flutterwave VS Chipper Cash, Which is better and why

Getting stuck on what platform to use for your businesses, between Flutterwave and Chipper Cash? You don’t need to worry much, because, in this article, we will be comparing both, and determine which is best for you and why you should go for it, but before we delve into our main topic let’s quickly look into an overview of the both platforms, for proper understanding and more insights about them, stay tuned.

What is Flutterwave ?

Flutterwave is a reputable payment infrastructure and financial technology company based in Nigeria, serving over 30 countries in Africa and the Middle East. Renowned for its reliability and scalability, Flutterwave offers diverse payment options such as card payments, bank transfers, and mobile money.

Flutterwave is well known for its payment API which empowers businesses to seamlessly integrate and customize payment solutions. Flutterwave does not only deal with payments, it also provides services like fraud detection, identity verification, and currency exchange to enhance transaction security. With partnerships with various financial institutions, Flutterwave has become a preferred platform for businesses and individuals seeking safe, efficient, and global payment solutions.

What is Chipper Cash?

Chipper Cash is a fintech company in Africa, which offers a user-friendly mobile app for seamless cash transactions. it functions as a peer-to-peer payment platform, which facilitates instant, secure, and convenient money transfers, which is available to individuals and businesses continent-wide.

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Beyond traditional payments, it stands out with features like cryptocurrency trading and virtual/physical Chipper Cards, enabling versatile online and offline transactions. With a commitment to financial inclusion, Chipper Cash serves the unbanked and underbanked populations in six African countries, fostering participation in the digital economy through its accessible and secure financial platform with low fees.

Flutterwave VS Chipper Cash: Comparison

Geographic Presence and Currency Support

Flutterwave boasts a wider presence, spanning over 30 countries across Africa and the Middle East, compared to Chipper Cash, which operates in six African countries. While both platforms support various currencies, Flutterwave’s extensive reach makes it a more versatile option for businesses and individuals requiring cross-border transactions.

Payment Services

Flutterwave offers a comprehensive suite of payment services, including card payments, bank transfers, mobile wallets, virtual accounts, and cross-border payments. Chipper Cash, while excelling in peer-to-peer payments, also offers additional features such as cryptocurrency support, virtual/physical Chipper Cards, and a savings feature called Chipper Save. The breadth of services makes Flutterwave an excellent choice for businesses with diverse payment needs, while Chipper Cash caters well to individual users seeking a broader financial ecosystem.

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Both platforms prioritize user-friendliness, but according to user feedback, Flutterwave’s interface is often considered more intuitive. This can be a crucial factor for businesses and individuals seeking a seamless payment experience. Flutterwave’s scalability and ease of integration into websites and applications further contribute to its user-friendly reputation.

Customization and Integration

Flutterwave’s API stands out for providing developers with tools to create customized payment solutions. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for businesses with specific requirements. Chipper Cash, while offering a robust set of features, may have a slightly more limited focus on customization compared to Flutterwave.

Customer Support

Both platforms offer 24/7 customer support, but some users have reported delays in receiving assistance from Chipper Cash. Flutterwave, on the other hand, has a reputation for prompt and helpful customer support across various channels, including email, live chat, and phone support.

Security Measures

Security is paramount in fintech, and both Flutterwave and Chipper Cash prioritize user data protection and are PCI DSS compliant. Users can trust that their financial transactions are conducted with strong security measures on both platforms.


Both Flutterwave and Chipper Cash are legitimate fintech companies, with established track records, reputable partnerships, and recognition in the industry. They adhere to regulations, ensuring the security and privacy of user transactions.

Customer Care

Flutterwave is known for its responsive customer support through multiple channels, while Chipper Cash also strives to provide reliable assistance via email, in-app chat, and social media channels. However, reports of delays in Chipper Cash’s customer support responses should be considered.

Flutterwave VS Chipper Cash, Which is better and why

Flutterwave stands out as the superior choice due to its comprehensive payment infrastructure tailored for businesses. With a robust payment integration system, customizable solutions, and features like fraud detection and currency exchange, Flutterwave caters to diverse business needs. Its wide reach across 30 countries and intuitive interface further contribute to its excellence. While Chipper Cash excels in peer-to-peer payments and financial inclusion, Flutterwave’s scalability, customization options, and extensive services make it the preferred option for businesses seeking advanced and tailored payment solutions.


Which is better Chipper Cash or PayDay?

Choosing between Chipper Cash and PayDay depends on user preferences. While both platforms have positive reviews on the Google Play store, with Chipper Cash scoring 4.3/5 and PayDay scoring 3.3/5, user familiarity often favors PayDay according to recent research. It’s crucial to consider individual needs and the specific features each platform offers before making a decision.

How reliable is Chipper Cash?

Chipper Cash is highly reliable, boasting an impressive average rating of 4.5/5 on Google Play and 4.4/5 on the App Store. Users appreciate its security measures, with encryption safeguarding payment information and personal data, ensuring a secure platform for both money and crypto transactions.

Which bank owns Chipper Cash?

Chipper Cash is not owned by a traditional bank. Instead, it raised $250 million in a 2021 funding round led by SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) and FTX. SVB, an investor in the round, owns approximately 2% stake in Chipper Cash. The company is also a banking client of SVB.

What makes Chipper Cash different?

Chipper Cash distinguishes itself through robust security measures. Encryption protects payment information and personal data, ensuring users are shielded against unauthorized activities. Additionally, Chipper Cash offers a “Convert” feature allowing users to convert their local currency, such as Naira, to U.S. dollars (USD), enhancing the platform’s versatility.

Can I convert Naira to dollar in Chipper Cash?

Yes, Chipper Cash facilitates currency conversion with its “Convert” feature, allowing users to convert their local currency, such as Naira, to U.S. dollars (USD). This feature enhances the platform’s flexibility, enabling users to manage transactions in different currencies seamlessly.

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