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Jaiz Bank USSD Code For Transfers, Check Account Balance, Purchase Airtime and Data, Borrow Loans

Jaiz Bank USSD Transfer Code

If you are a Jaizbank user seeking convenient ways to carry out banking transactions using USSD, we have you covered. This article provides detailed guidance on how to utilize the Jaizbank transfer code (*773#) for various transactions.

The Jaizbank USSD code grants users access to a range of banking services without requiring an internet connection or visiting a branch. Unlike branch opening hours, this USSD code can be accessed at any time of the day, as long as there is a stable network connection.

This mobile banking code allows Jaizbank users to perform transactions on any type of mobile device. One significant advantage of the Jaizbank mobile banking code is that it enables individuals residing in rural areas, where online banking technology may be inaccessible, to seamlessly conduct transactions.

The Jaizbank USSD code has opened up opportunities for both existing and potential customers. It facilitates easy opening of functional accounts, checking of account balances, purchasing of airtime, blocking of ATM cards, freezing of accounts, bill payments, and more.

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By utilizing the Jaizbank USSD code, customers can conveniently and securely manage their banking needs, making financial transactions hassle-free. Whether you need to perform basic banking functions or carry out more advanced operations, the Jaizbank USSD code ensures a user-friendly experience for all customers.

Jaiz Bank USSD code and Jaiz Bank Transfer Code

To begin using the Jaizbank code on your mobile device, you must register and activate the USSD feature on your network/number. The process is straightforward if you follow the steps provided. However, before proceeding, ensure you have your Jaizbank debit card, an active account, a mobile phone, and a mobile number linked to your Jaizbank account. These prerequisites are necessary to successfully set up and utilize the Jaizbank USSD code for convenient and secure banking transactions.

How To Setup Jaiz Bank Transfer Code

  • Open your dialer, and punch in *773#, it is vital, you do this on the line linked to your Jaiz Bank account.
  • Input your BVN (Bank Verification Number), as requested by the prompt.
  • After this, you would be required to choose among three options to enroll/activate, choose “Active Debit Card”
  • Before you proceed you must ensure you have a working Jaizbank. The next prompt would require you to input the last six digits of your card number.
  • After this, you would be required to create a strong transfer code, this would be needed when so ever you want to make a transaction. 
  • Once you have successfully passed through the above steps, then you Jaiz Bank USSD feature has been activated, you can now be using *773# to perform several banking transactions.

JaizBank transfer codes and their functions

JaizBank offers a range of transfer and USSD codes for various transactions. For instance, if you wish to check your account balance, there is a specific code you can input on your dialer. This code allows you to directly access the page displaying your account balance, eliminating the need to dial *773# and navigate through multiple menus. Below is a comprehensive list of JaizBank’s shortcodes and their respective functions.

Jaiz Bank USSD Code to Check Account Balance *773*0# (Balance Check)

This code is utilized to verify your JaizBank account balance. Upon dialing the code, you will also be prompted to enter your transfer PIN to authorization.

Jaiz Bank USSD Code To Purchase Airtime and Data *773*Amount# (Airtime Top Up)

This code enables you to easily recharge your airtime directly from JaizBank, eliminating the need to visit a vendor. Suppose you want to top up 100 naira from your JaizBank account. Simply open your dialer and enter the code *773*100#. 

Follow the provided instructions, and your airtime will be successfully added. This convenient service allows you to effortlessly purchase airtime without having to leave your comfort zone and search for a vendor.

*773*Amount*Phone Number#

This code allows you to purchase airtime for others using your JaizBank account. To ensure security, you may be required to input your transfer pin to authorize the transaction. 

For example, if you want to buy 50 naira airtime for someone with the mobile number “08012345678,” simply dial 773*50*08012345678# and follow the provided instructions. This process ensures that you can conveniently provide airtime to friends, family, or anyone else without the need to physically visit a vendor.

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*773*Amount*Account Number#

This code allows for instant transfer of funds from your JaizBank account to another JaizBank account, eliminating the need to visit a branch. To initiate a transfer, let’s say you want to send ₦5000 to the account number “1234567890.” Simply open your phone’s dialer and enter *773*5000*1234567890#.

*773*1*Amount*Account Number# 

 This code is used to send money from your JaizBank account to third-party banks. When you dial the code, you will be prompted to enter your transfer code and select the destination bank from a displayed list. Transferring money to a bank other than JaizBank has become convenient. Let’s say you want to send ₦5000 to the account number “1444444444.” Simply dial *773*1*5000*1444444444# to initiate the transfer.


What is the new USSD code for Jaiz Bank?

The new USSD code for Jaiz Bank is *773#. This code allows customers to perform various mobile banking transactions using their registered phone number.

How do I transfer money with JAIZ? 

To transfer money with Jaiz Bank, you can use the following USSD codes:

  • For Jaiz to Jaiz transfers: Dial *773*Amount*Account Number#.
  • For Jaiz to other bank transfers: Dial *773*1*Amount*Account Number#.

These codes provide a quick and convenient method to send money from your Jaiz Bank account to another bank account directly from your mobile phone.

How much is USSD code?

Commercial banks and mobile network providers in Nigeria now charge customers a flat rate of N6.98 per transaction for using the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) service. This fee is applicable each time a customer initiates a transaction using USSD, and it is a standard charge implemented by the banks and telecom companies.

Why is my bank USSD code not working?

If your bank’s USSD code is not working, it could be because your bank is among those that have been disconnected from the service due to outstanding debts to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) have owed telcos a significant amount for several years, leading to the disconnection of certain banks from the USSD service.

Which bank code is * 773?

The bank code *773 is associated with Jaiz Bank Plc. By dialing *773#, customers can access a range of quick, simple, and convenient transactions offered by Jaiz Bank. This service is available 24/7 and can be accessed from any type of phone. Jaiz Bank Plc utilizes the *773# code to provide their customers with easy access to their banking services.


Jaiz Bank offers a convenient and efficient USSD code, *773#, which allows customers to access a wide range of banking services anytime and anywhere. With the Jaiz Bank transfer code, customers can effortlessly transfer funds from their Jaiz Bank account to another Jaiz Bank account or to accounts in other banks. This user-friendly service eliminates the need for branch visits and provides a seamless banking experience. Jaiz Bank’s USSD code and transfer code empower customers with quick and secure transactions, enhancing their overall banking convenience.

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