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How To Make Money with Google Admob – A Guide to Digital Advertising

How To Make Money with Google Admob – Google’s Admob is a useful tool for those who are looking to make some extra money, or even start their own business. Both novice and experienced app developers should benefit from reading this article . Let’s take a look.

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What is Google Admob?

Google Admob is a mobile advertising platform developed by Google. It allows developers to embed advertisements into their mobile applications. In return, Google takes a 30% commission on all in-app ad transactions.

How can it help me?

With Google Admob you can make money by inserting an ad inside your app. The ad can be displayed by Google’s mobile application itself, which is the fastest way to reach out to the audience. It is also the most reliable way to reach those who are actively searching for your app.

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The results can be quite impressive, because you’ll be able to get a lot of downloads in a short time and eventually generate a decent amount of income. The first step is to create a free account with Google Admob .

At the end of the process, you’ll be asked to connect your mobile application to the ad networ . Be careful because an improper connection can negatively affect your app’s performance and reputation.

How Does Google Admob Work?

Admob is a Google-owned mobile advertising company. It allows app developers to place ads in their apps, and it shares the revenue with the developers. Admob is the largest mobile ad network in the world.

Admob is a mobile advertising company that was acquired by Google in 2010. It allows app developers to place ads in their apps, and it shares the revenue with the developers. Admob has over 500,000 mobile publishers that include big brands like Macy’s and McDonald’s.

The network runs in more than 80 countries around the world, and the ads are shown on about 50 billion devices. Admob uses mobile content delivery networks (CDNs) to get the ads quickly to a user’s device. This helps improve performance and reduces server load.

Developers earn a share of the advertising revenue from their apps. Admob guarantees a certain amount of advertising revenue to app developers, and it can also place in-app ads for free. With Google’s acquisition of Admob, the number of people using Admob ads in apps has grown by over 2 billion.

How to Create an Admob Account

To create an Admob account, you will need to provide some basic information about yourself. This will include your name, email address, and password.

You will also need to select a country and currency. Once you have finished this step, you will be taken to the Admob Dashboard. From here, you can create your first app and begin advertising.

To signup for google AdMob, you must first sign up for a free Google account. If you don’t already have one, follow this link to create it!

Do all the things listed below to get ur account approved within d next 24hrs.

Step 1. Click

Step 2.Sign up with a valid Gmail acct

Step 3. Choose Nigeria as your country, choose Lagos as time zone, choose US dollar as a mode of payment. Click next.

Step 4:Mark all fields yes on the next page. Then click next/done.

Step 5 Go to the left-hand side, click my app. Then click on create a new app. You will be asked if your app has been uploaded on play store.. Click NO

Step6:Enter app information (name of the app) (give it any name of your choice that you will not forget)and click on Android

Step7. Click on *create ad unit*

You will find three (3) ad units (banner, interstitial, and reward)

Step 8. Click on banner and input ad unit name(name it *banner1*) after that click create an ad unit,

Step 9: After creating banner ad unit,

Create another ad unit and this time, click on interstitial follow the same format …create one interstitial and name it as *interstitial *

Then click done.

Create for banner, Rewarded video, and native ads

On the new display, copy out the codes one by one, by clicking on the square box beside the name of each ad unit. And save them somewhere till when you will use them.

save the codes on your notepad or memo.

Step 10. on the left-hand side, click the menu icon and click on payment and fill in your name, current address. Ignore suburb and address line 2

(Please make sure your address is very correct especially the postal code because Google will later send you a verification pin physically to your post office, for you to use to verify your account)

Then click Save. That’s all.

This is how your codes will be arranged after you might have finished your Registration.



Google Admob ads formats

Google Admob is a mobile advertising company that allows app developers to monetize their apps with Google ads. Admob offers a variety of ad formats, including interstitials, banners, and rewarded videos.

Google Admob is a mobile advertising company that allows app developers to monetize their apps with Google ads. Admob offers a variety of ad formats, including interstitials, banners, and rewarded videos.

They also support Google mobile campaigns and use the App promotion code to promote apps. This means that they are a highly scalable solution and a low cost option. To get started, simply go to their website and fill out their app advertising form.

How to Place Ads on Your Website or App

If you are looking to place ads on your website or app, there are a few things you need to consider. The first is choosing the right ad format. There are a variety of formats to choose from, including text, image, and video.

You also need to decide where to place the ads. Some people choose to place them at the top or bottom of the page, while others choose to place them in specific locations within the content. When deciding where to place the ads, remember that you should make it easy for your readers to access the ads.

Placing ads at the top of the page or in the middle of the text will make it more difficult for people to access your content. Finally, you need to decide what kind of ads you want to place.

Top Mobile Ad Mediation Platforms for Apps and Games

A mediation platform is a service that helps app and game developers manage and optimize their in-app ad campaigns. The best mobile mediation platforms provide a wide range of ad networks and ad formats to choose from, as well as powerful tools for analyzing and optimizing ad performance.

Choosing the right mobile mediation platform is essential for ensuring the success of your app or game. The top platforms provide a wealth of features and options, as well as excellent customer support.

Maxxium is a mobile mediation platform that helps app and game developers maximize their in-app ad campaigns. It has an intuitive interface and can be easily set up for users with limited programming knowledge.

Mobile Me was launched in the fall of 2011 by the owner of Maxxium, which allowed the user to set up and use ad networks, get immediate stats on performance, and measure conversion. After the launch of Maxxium, Mobile Me was updated to support the creation of ad campaigns and ads.

With a push notification feature that includes analytics and other reports, Maxxium is a great choice for mobile app and game developers.

Tips for optimizing your Google AdMob campaigns

If you’re running Google AdMob campaigns, here are a few tips to help you optimize your results:

1. Make sure that your ad creative is as relevant as possible to the user’s search.

2. Use keywords in your ad creative that are relevant to your app.

3. Experiment with different ad formats to see which work best for your app.

4. Try targeting specific countries or regions to see if you get better results.

5. Try different ad formats, like video and mobile app install ads.

6. Add a call to action in your ad.

7. Check the conversion rate of your ad to determine if you should be optimizing for clicks, installs, or both.

How long does it take for AdMob approval?

It usually takes around a few hours. However, if you are using Admob for the first time it may take longer up to 24hours.

google admob

Get a good app idea

To earn on AdMob, you have to get a good app idea. So if you are planning on creating an application of another person’s ideas, then do not waste time making ads for them!

Get an engaging app

An app that does not engage the user will not get many downloads. So make sure your target audience is large enough to give you good revenue from ads.

Make it simple and easy to use

The easier an application can be used, the better chances of getting more ad clicks! Create a pleasant experience for people so they would continue using your app, and the ads would not be annoying.

You need traffic for AdMob

Another issue that you need to pay attention to is the amount of traffic in your app. If it does not have enough visitors, then AdMob will be almost useless for you. You can get some by advertising on social networks and forums or simply putting ads in other apps (the latter option costs more). Be careful with this point and make sure you have enough traffic before advertising.

Setting to do on AdMob account

App-ads.txt: Once your app is uploaded, you should add the App-Ads.txt file to the root directory of your application package which contains all necessary information about ads units and ad networks used in the applications.


Ads frequency cappings: You can specify the number of ads that are shown to a single user in your app per day, week, or month. This is done by specifying an appropriate value for “ad frequency capping”.

ads frequency


Ads mediation: You need to handle situations where you have multiple ad networks and there’s no obvious way of choosing between them for serving ads on specific devices. This is where mediation comes in handy, as you can specify a list of ad networks and priority for each one and AdMob will automatically choose the highest-priority network that’s available to serve ads on every device. You should also be aware this feature allows Google Ads to compete with other supported third-party ad networks when serving ads within your application.

google admob mediation

Publish app on play store

To earn with AdMob you need to publish your app on the play store or any other approved store. It’s not so hard to publish your app on the play store. You can do it by yourself. Check here to see how to publish the app on the Samsung galaxy store for free.

How to Promote Your Mobile App

Mobile apps are taking over the world. With mobile devices becoming more and more popular, it is imperative that businesses start promoting their mobile app to stay relevant in today’s marketplace. The following blog post will outline 11 ways you can promote your mobile app and get ahead of competitors who may be doing nothing at all!

11 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

Social media

Social media is the most effective way to promote your app. Social media allows for free organic marketing in a controlled manner. Promote your mobile app on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks. You can even create short 15 or 30-second videos promoting your app using platforms like Youtube!

Promoting Mobile App with YouTube Videos

Advertise on other websites by purchasing ads. You can use this strategy to get people to your website where you will promote the app or purchase banner ads on sites that are related to the niche of your mobile app. If someone is looking for something specific, it’s likely they’ll search online and one place they may go searching is in Google. Advertise on other websites by purchasing ads with Google Ads, Bing/Yahoo! Search Marketing or Facebook Advertising to get great results for your mobile app marketing campaign.

Google Paid Advertising Campaigns

Create a website dedicated entirely to promoting the app which can be done easily through Squarespace! It’s free and low cost and you can create a beautiful website dedicated to your app. You can add links, banners and videos all there for users to see!

Trade Show Promotional Materials

Run a social media contest or giveaway where users have to do something specific with the hashtag #[insertappnamehere] and mention you in their post! You can also run an ad on Facebook promoting this contest – just make sure they’re following the rules of the contest, otherwise, it’s not legally binding!

Contest Promotion on Facebook with Adverts

Submit your app to the Apple Store and Google Play online. You can do this yourself or hire a developer for cheap if you are technically inept (like myself). Make sure it’s submitted correctly though, otherwise no one will be able to find it when they search specifically for your app!

Free Mobile App Promotion with Downloads

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, simply ask your followers or fans about what they’d like to see in the mobile app. Give them a say and let them be part of the process! This will create brand loyalty as well – people love knowing that they had an impact on something so important!

App Feedback and Ideas from Customers

Create a great product that people want to use! This is the most important part of mobile app marketing – if you have an amazing, desirable piece of software then it will promote itself no matter what. Make sure your app has value and stands out in some way so users keep coming back for more!

How To Make Money with Google Admob

In conclusion, there are many different ways you can promote your mobile app in order to get more downloads from users who want access to the valuable information you have to offer.

Is AdMob self clicking still working?

No, it is not working anymore don’t let anyone scammed you with self-clicking apps, Go through the right way to earn.

How to get the AdMob app?

If you’re scared of getting scammed you can visit freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and the rest to hire developers to build your app.

And the rest questions that I didn’t cover you can ask in the comment section. Thank you.

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If you’re looking to make some extra money or start your own business, learning how to make money with Google AdMob is a useful tool. Even experienced app developers can benefit from reading this article, which covers how to create an account with AdMob, place ads on your website or app, and use the ad networks and formats to get the most out of your ads. We also provide a brief overview of how to set up and use ad networks, get immediate stats on performance, and measure conversion.


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