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Paga Login With Phone Number, Email, Online Portal, Website

Paga has emerged as a prominent player, providing users with convenient and secure access to their financial transactions. This article delves into the detailed steps for Paga login through various channels such as; phone number, email, online portal, and website, offering users a comprehensive guide to navigate the platform seamlessly.

Paga Login With Phone Number

Paga understands the importance of user-friendly access, and logging in with a phone number is a straightforward process. Users are encouraged to download the Paga mobile app from the Play Store for Android users or the Apple Store for iPhone users. Once installed, the app prompts users to register by providing essential information, including real name, username, phone number, email address, and a robust password.


To log in with a phone number, users simply launch the app, enter the phone number used during registration, input their password, and click on the login button. The process is mirrored on the Paga online portal, ensuring consistent access across platforms.

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Paga Login With Email Address

For users preferring email-based login, Paga offers a seamless process on both the mobile app and online portal. On the Paga website, users visit the login page, enter their email address in the provided space, input the associated password, and click the login button. This method provides an alternative login option, catering to diverse user preferences.

Paga Login Through Online Portal

While Paga primarily emphasizes its mobile app, the platform also recognizes the significance of a web-based portal. Users can access the online portal by visiting through a web browser. The portal facilitates various transactions and account management functions. The login process involves entering credentials such as phone number, email address, username, and password, ensuring a secure and flexible user experience.

Paga Login Through Website

Paga maintains a unified approach with its website, serving as both an information hub and a login portal. By visiting, users gain access to the latest company updates, announcements, and frequently asked questions. The login process is straightforward – locate the login button on the website, enter the required details (phone number or email address and associated password), and complete the process with a successful login.


 How can I retrieve my Paga account?

For security reasons, initiate the account retrieval process by calling Paga at 0700 000 PAGA (0700 000 7242). This ensures a secure and verified method for account recovery, prioritizing user safety and preventing unauthorized access.

What is a Device Verification code?

A Device Verification Code is a second layer of security implemented by Paga to prevent unauthorized access to your account. It acts as a safeguard, ensuring that only authorized users can gain access to their accounts, enhancing overall security and protecting user information.

What is the Paga website?

The Paga website is It serves as a comprehensive platform for users to send money, pay bills, and receive payments easily, quickly, and securely. Users can log in to their accounts through this official website, accessing a range of financial services.

How do I open a Paga account online?

To open a Paga account online, users have multiple options:

Download the Paga app from Google Play or the IOS store.

Visit and click “Get Started.”

Provide your first name, surname, and phone number at any Paga Agent.

Dial *242# on your phone and follow the registration instructions. This ensures a flexible and convenient process for users to create their Paga accounts.

What is the Whatsapp number of Paga?

For inquiries related to data plans and other services, users can contact Paga via WhatsApp at (08130670375). This versatile communication channel accommodates various devices, ensuring accessibility for Android, iPhone, Blackberry (OS 10), computers, modems, and more.

What is my Paga username?

If you’ve forgotten your username, you can log in using your phone number or email address. In case you can’t recall any of these, contact Paga at 0700 000 7242 for assistance in retrieving your account information.

What is the SMS code for Paga?

The SMS code for Paga is not explicitly mentioned, but users are encouraged to utilize mobile apps, the web, or the shortcode (*242#) for quick and reliable money transfers. To transact seamlessly, users can download the Paga app or visit the mobile site.

  1. Which bank name is Paga?


Paga is provided by Pagatech Limited, a private limited liability company licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to offer electronic payment systems services. It operates independently as a financial technology company, facilitating secure and efficient electronic transactions.

How do I verify my email on Paga?

Log in to your Paga account, confirm the accuracy of the entered email address, and Paga will send a verification email. Check both your main email folder and spam folder for the email. Once you receive it, follow the instructions for email verification, typically received within seconds.

How can I change my Paga account name?

To change personal identifiable information on Paga, users can contact Customer Service or access their account profile online. Any updates made through these channels will be reflected immediately, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information associated with the Paga account.

How do I change my phone number on Paga?

To change your phone number on Paga, log into your account via the web. Navigate to “My Paga” in the side menu, then click on “Link Phone.” On the top right corner of the screen, select “Link New Number.” This straightforward process allows users to update their contact information, ensuring accuracy and continuity in using Paga services.

Did Paga have ATM card?

Yes, Paga offers a card that functions anywhere Visa is accepted. Users can use the Paga card for transactions at physical shops, online stores, and ATMs globally. This versatile card enhances the convenience of Paga services, allowing users to access their funds seamlessly across various platforms.

What is Paga’s email address?

Paga’s email address for inquiries, requests, and support is [email protected]. Users can promptly exercise their rights or seek assistance by sending an email to this address, ensuring efficient communication and issue resolution.

Can Paga receive dollars?

Yes, Paga supports the receipt of funds in dollars. Users can receive funds directly to their Paga dollar card, enhancing the platform’s flexibility and accommodating international transactions. This feature allows users to seamlessly manage and access funds in different currencies through the Paga platform.

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