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Palmpay vs Opay: Which is better?

Mobile Online banking is currently a popular topic in Nigeria as we speak, with various of its competitors in the financial markets, Fintech firms have grown to become more stronger and reliable in the banking industry.

For this content, we would be looking through two Fintech organizations (Palmpay and Opay) alongside comparing them, for which is a better option for business owners, vendors, etc.

Both Palmpay and OPay are Fintech firms that have built a huge recognition in the industry, They both play a vital role in Nigeria’s financial industry and despite the presence of other competitors of their kind around, their services never ceased from been one of the best.

We can see how these two online banking apps, paved the way for both buyers and sellers, during Nigeria’s era of cashless policy, earlier this year, when almost all the banks were down. However, it should be of no surprise to you that, none of these apps are hundred perfect, as users might decide on which should be used.

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Palmpay Vs Opay

Below is a detailed analysis of a comparison between Pamplay and Opay, With this, we would be able to select which one is the best and which one can be referred to as a perfect user choice.

In terms of user downloads, Both on Apple and the play store, palm play has a total of over 10 million downloads alongside 266,000 reviews and an average rate of 4.35.

While Opay has 11 million downloads over Palmplay’s 10 million downloads, also has an accumulated sum of 246,000 reviews, which is less than that of Palmplay alongside an average rating of 4.3, which appears to be the same with the latter.

Software Usability

For one to efficiently utilize any of these apps, a smartphone, which shouldn’t be less than 2 GB ram is needed, anything less than that would disrupt the user experience.

Both Palmpay and OPay app are fast in terms of user Usability, both have a swift registration and signing-in process, with zero to no lag on the app, and They both has superb transfer speed.

Users will only experience an error on the app, whenever the Internet connection is disabled.

Aside from the above line, users may occasionally experience network troubles, while transacting on either of the apps. The issue may cause delays in deposits and Bill Payments. 


Both apps are identical features, which can be easily noticed, Palmplay recently added some amazing features in its app, which includes; Recharge2cash and the split bill feature, both newly introduced feature are good, most especially the “recharge2cash”, which enables its users to convert overloaded airtime back to cash.

While Opay has some very good and unique features, such as cashback, and pay payments for school exam fees, exams, USSD Banking, etc. In terms of features what Palmpay uses to boast is the availability of the recharge2cash feature. 


Opay has an inbuilt financial lending service, which is known as “Okash”, this is a separate app on its own that can be found on the Google play store, with this services users can borrow and pay back at a stipulated time, this service implies that once a user fails to meet up with the deadline and make a payment of his/her loan if there is any fund in their Opay account, such funds will be withdrawn and be used to cover the loan payment. Both Opay and Okash are managed by Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank.

While Palmplay has an inbuilt financial service on its app, which is called “Flexi Credit” with this users can likewise borrow and pay back at a stipulated/agreed time, one of the downsides of this lending system is that the moment you stop using the palm play app to transact for a while, you won’t be able to apply for a loan.


With the Opay App, there are five ways in which one can save his or her money. They include the following; Flexible savings (wealth), Fixed savings, Spend and save, Targets savings, and Safebox.

These savings methods can be utilized to save funds, the amazing part about it is that one can get interest upon all funds saved, The savings method you choose will determine the amount of interest you would earn.

While Palmpay doesn’t have any savings options for its users.


In terms of security both Opay and Palmpay are secured by compiling with PCI DSS, On both sides, they are working endlessly, to ensure all your funds in their care are safeguarded by all means. As a user, you are expected to treat your Mobile banking application pin, as a top-secret, one which can only be accessed by you.

Opay and Palmpay are both insured by the Nigerian deposit insurance commission (NDIC). securing your funds by all means.


Both apps give its user free transfers, first of all on Opay all transactions are free, and users need not pay any fee. While pal pay transfers are also free, sadly this is only for the first three transfers, after this a sum of ₦10 will be charged per transfer to third-party banks, and 0.9% to other mobile money platforms.


The Duo shares near similarities, if it isn’t for the fact that Palmplay’s primary color is purple, and not that of Opay, which is green, One could have said they are of the same maker.

The differences between the two are just little. They both can be accessed via a mobile application, Users can deposit cash via any of their nationwide merchants, they both can send and receive money, they both utilize the use of online banking to make the transfer and lastly, both apps allow users to access their lending financial system.



  • They Offer Cashback and Bonuses.
  • Users can also request and access virtual Naira cards, as well as physical cards.
  • Integration of various products.
  • Instant access to loans.
  • User can access an Opay-enabled POS device by requesting one.
  • All daily transfers are free.
  • When no internet connection, Opay-enabled USSD banking can be adopted.
  • Users have access to secured savings.
  • Recipients usually receive a transaction notification in less than a minute.


  • Seamless banking experience
  • User gets free 3 transfers daily.
  • Transactions don’t take forever before it is been received by the recipient.
  • User can access a Palmpay-enabled POS device by requesting one.
  • Users can convert overloaded airtime into cash
  • User can spill bills with Palmpay users
  • Just like Opay, it also has Cashback and Bonus features.



  • There might be downtimes in the transfer network.


  • On Palmpay loans takes a lengthy period, for one to be eligible., Unlike Opay, It doesn’t have USSD banking.
  • It also has occasional network troubles 
  • Users can’t access or request virtual or physical debit cards.

Palmpay vs Opay which is better?

The two apps are good in terms of functionalities and reliability, but according to all we have been saying since; it could be deduced that Opay has a whole lot of features over Palmpay. One of the most distinguishing features Palmpay fails to emulate, which made Opay stand out against them is the USSD Banking; as I said earlier this feature allows the user to transact without the need for a mobile app, user need not have an internet-enabled phone to achieve this. Also, the virtual and physical debit card features took some points out of Palmplay in terms of comparison, lastly, the savings features, which Palmpay has refused to emulate, have brought a great loss onto them when compared with OPay. With this, we can say Opay stands out to be the best and can be regarded as the perfect user choice.


What is Opay, and how does it work?

Opay is a mobile payment platform that allows users to make various financial transactions through their smartphones. It offers services such as bill payments, money transfers, ride-hailing, and food delivery. Opay partners with local businesses and offers a digital wallet that users can fund for seamless transactions.

What are the key features of Palmpay?

Palmpay is also a mobile payment platform that provides users with a range of financial services. Its features include money transfers, bill payments, airtime purchases, and the ability to make payments at partner stores. Palmpay also offers a loyalty program that rewards users for their transactions.

Which countries do Opay and Palmpay operate in?

Opay primarily operates in Nigeria, where it has gained significant popularity and a wide user base. On the other hand, Palmpay is also focused on the Nigerian market and has been steadily growing its presence there.

How secure are Opay and Palmpay?

Both Opay and Palmpay prioritize the security of their users’ transactions. They employ various measures such as encryption, two-factor authentication, and data protection protocols to safeguard personal and financial information. However, it is always recommended to follow best practices like using strong passwords and keeping devices updated for enhanced security.

Can Opay and Palmpay be used for international transactions?

While both platforms primarily cater to domestic transactions within Nigeria, they may offer limited international payment options. However, the availability and scope of international transactions may vary, and users should consult the respective platforms for more information.


Opay and Palmpay are two prominent mobile payment platforms operating in Nigeria. They offer similar features, including money transfers, bill payments, and partnerships with local businesses. Both platforms prioritize the security of user transactions and employ various measures to protect personal and financial data. While Opay has gained significant popularity and has a wider reach, Palmpay is steadily growing its presence in the Nigerian market. Users should consider their specific needs and preferences to choose the platform that best suits their requirements for mobile payments.

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