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PiggyVest Interest Rate Calculator

PiggyVest, the leading online savings and investment platform in Nigeria, offers a comprehensive tool called the Interest Rate Calculator, designed to optimize savings and enhance interest earnings. With this calculator, users can effortlessly compute the potential interest accumulation on their savings over time, empowering them to make well-informed financial decisions.

Whether individuals are aiming to establish an emergency fund, make a significant purchase, or fulfill long-term aspirations, PiggyVest’s Interest Rate Calculator can be a powerful ally in maintaining financial objectives and achieving them more swiftly. This article delves into the mechanics of the PiggyVest Interest Rate Calculator, its advantages, and the steps to start using it today.

PiggyVest Interest Rate Calculator 

The PiggyVest Interest Rate Calculator represents a robust tool that allows individuals to predict the potential interest they might accrue on their savings over a specified period. This online tool takes into account the interest rates provided by PiggyVest and assists users in calculating their potential earnings.

The calculator operates through a straightforward process: users input their desired savings amount, the intended savings duration, and the preferred savings plan. Subsequently, the calculator generates an approximation of the interest that can be earned based on PiggyVest’s existing interest rates.

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This tool emerges as especially beneficial for individuals seeking to chart their savings trajectory and set achievable objectives. By offering a clear projection of potential earnings, the calculator aids in selecting suitable savings plans and determining the necessary contribution to attain financial aims.

How does it works?

The PiggyVest Interest Rate Calculator functions by employing a simple formula to compute projected returns on savings or investments. The formula integrates three pivotal components: the principal amount (initial investment), the interest rate, and the investment duration. By considering these elements, the calculator generates an estimate of the anticipated returns.

Below are the advantages of utilizing the PiggyVest Interest Rate Calculator;

  • The calculator furnishes users with a tangible perspective on potential earnings, enabling them to establish pragmatic savings goals.
  • Users gain the ability to strategically map out their savings journey, ensuring they allocate an appropriate amount each month to achieve their goals.
  • Users can compare diverse savings plans and choose the one that aligns best with their aspirations and preferences.
  • The calculator’s output, showcasing estimated interest and total savings, acts as a motivating force, encouraging users to boost savings efforts and expedite financial accomplishments.
  • The calculator expedites the process by providing immediate estimations of potential returns, sparing users the laborious task of manually computing various options.
  • The calculator boasts a user-friendly interface, catering to individuals with varying degrees of financial literacy.
  • By spotlighting the monthly savings needed to reach goals, the calculator cultivates discipline in adhering to a savings plan.

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How To Use The PiggyVest Interest Rate Calculator

Leveraging the PiggyVest Interest Rate Calculator empowers users to devise effective savings strategies and opt for the optimal savings plan. This tool keeps users motivated and allows them to monitor their progress towards financial milestones. Utilizing the calculator is a seamless process:

  • Open a web browser and navigate to the official PiggyVest website.
  • On the website, locate the “Tools” tab in the navigation menu and select “Interest Rate Calculator” from the dropdown.
  • Enter the intended savings amount into the “Savings Amount” field.
  • Select the preferred savings plan, whether it’s Flex Savings, SafeLock, Target Savings, or Investify.
  • Indicate the timeframe for savings, be it six months, a year, or another duration.
  • Click “Calculate Interest,” prompting the calculator to exhibit the projected interest based on PiggyVest’s current rates.
  • The calculator will exhibit the estimated interest, the anticipated cumulative savings, and the monthly savings quantum needed to realize the goal.


How much interest does PiggyVest pay per month? 

PiggyVest offers tiered monthly interest rates based on lock-in periods. For 10-30 days, the interest is 0.5% (6% annually), prorated. For 31-60 days, it’s 0.58% (7% annually). Lastly, for 61-90 days, it’s 0.75% (9% annually). These prorated rates incentivize longer commitments and responsible saving, providing users with varying opportunities to earn competitive interest on their funds, tailored to their chosen investment horizon.

How much is 10 points on PiggyVest?

On PiggyVest, each PiggyPoint holds a value of N10. These points are earned through regular saving activities, creating a direct correlation between savings frequency and PiggyPoint accumulation. To attain a single point, a minimum of N2,500 must be saved via the quicksave feature. For instance, if N25,000 is quicksaved, 10 points are awarded. The PiggyPoint system incentivizes consistent saving, as higher levels of savings lead to increased PiggyPoint earnings, enhancing users’ potential rewards and benefits over time.

Who are PiggyVest competitors in Nigeria?

 In the Nigerian market, PiggyVest faces competition from several notable players. FairMoney, a financial services platform, competes with its user-friendly lending solutions. Mono, offering API-based financial data services, presents competition through its innovative approach. CowryWise, a savings and investment platform, is another significant competitor. FriendsVow, focusing on group savings, and DevCenter Innovation, offering tech-driven solutions, further contribute to PiggyVest’s competitive landscape. These platforms, each with unique offerings, challenge PiggyVest’s prominence, encouraging a dynamic market that caters to diverse financial needs and preferences.

Can PiggyVest save in dollars?

Yes, PiggyVest offers the option to save in dollars through its Flex dollar wallet. While primarily recognized as a savings and investment platform, PiggyVest accommodates dollar savings. The Flex dollar wallet permits users to store, invest, and transfer funds in dollars. This feature widens the platform’s scope, allowing users to manage their finances in multiple currencies and potentially benefit from diversification opportunities.

Which is better between Cowrywise and PiggyVest?

 Both Cowrywise and PiggyVest present attractive interest rates. Both platforms provide a base interest rate of 10% annually. PiggyVest edges ahead with its 13% yield for those opting for the SafeLock plan, while Piggybank and Target Savings users earn 10%. In contrast, Cowrywise maintains a consistent 10% interest rate across all its offerings. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual preferences and goals, as PiggyVest offers a slight advantage in terms of potential earnings, especially for users drawn to the SafeLock plan’s higher interest rate.

How old is PiggyVest?

PiggyVest, initially known as, was established on January 7, 2016, as the pioneer online savings and investment app in West Africa. In its initial three-year phase, the platform exclusively provided savings services to its users. Over time, PiggyVest has evolved to encompass a broader spectrum of financial features, expanding its offerings beyond savings to include various investment opportunities. This history underpins PiggyVest’s journey from its inception as a savings-focused platform to its current status as a comprehensive savings and investment solution.


PiggyVest Interest Rate Calculator emerges as an invaluable tool for individuals keen on optimizing savings and reaping higher interest returns. By facilitating informed decision-making, fostering discipline, and propelling motivation, the calculator substantiates PiggyVest’s commitment to empowering users in their journey towards financial success.

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