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EaseMoni Customer Care Whatsapp Number, Phone Number, Email Address and Office Address

If you are seeking seamless assistance with your Easemoni account, transactions, or any platform-related concerns, the dedicated customer care team at Easemoni is committed to providing exemplary support. Whether you prefer traditional phone communication, the convenience of WhatsApp, or the formality of email, Easemoni offers a range of channels to cater to your needs. In this article, we will be providing you with the official ways to reach out to Easemoni, whenever you encounter any issue while making use of their services.

Easemoni Customer Care Phone Number

Residents of Nigeria can easily reach Easemoni’s customer care by dialing 07009987769. This dedicated phone line connects users to well-informed representatives who are ready to address inquiries, provide transaction assistance, and resolve any issues encountered on the platform. The commitment to exceptional customer support ensures that financial queries are promptly attended to, fostering a smooth and reliable experience for users.

Easemoni Customer Care WhatsApp Number

In addition to traditional phone support, Easemoni maintains an official WhatsApp number for communication: +2347009987769. It’s crucial to utilize this verified WhatsApp number to ensure authenticity and protect against potential scams. By trusting this official source, users can establish a secure connection with Easemoni, receiving prompt and reliable assistance. The availability of in-app live chat support further enhances the convenience of reaching out to the company directly.

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Easemoni Customer Care Email Address

For those who prefer written communication, Easemoni offers an exclusive email address for customer support: [email protected]. This channel is ideal for users with complex issues requiring detailed explanations or individuals who simply find email communication more convenient. Easemoni’s dedicated support team, available 24/7, ensures timely and informative responses to inquiries, concerns, or feedback. The commitment to user satisfaction and peace of mind is evident in their proactive approach to addressing issues.

Easemoni Customer Care Office Address

In instances where formal inquiries or face-to-face meetings are necessary, Easemoni provides a physical contact address. This information is valuable for users who prefer in-person assistance or have more formal concerns. The commitment to transparency and accessibility extends to Easemoni’s head office in Nigeria, located at 60 Adeniyi Jones Ave, Ikeja, Lagos. Users can visit this office for personalized assistance, emphasizing Easemoni’s dedication to providing support through various means.


 Is EaseMoni a registered loan app?

Yes, Easemoni is a registered instant personal cash loan app in Nigeria. It operates with a microfinance banking license obtained from the Central Bank of Nigeria, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and providing users with a reliable and legitimate lending platform.

Can EaseMoni deduct money from my account?

Yes, Easemoni has the capability to automatically debit the due amount from your bank card on the repayment date. This automated process streamlines the repayment procedure, making it convenient for users and ensuring timely loan repayment.

Who owns Easemoni app?

Easemoni is owned by BlueRidge Microfinance Limited. There have been no reported complaints about their mode of operations, indicating a reliable ownership and management structure.

Which loan apps are approved by the federal government in Nigeria?

While specific loan apps may not be explicitly approved by the federal government, several apps operate within regulatory frameworks. Examples include Cashlawn App, Easynaira App, Crediting App, Yoyi App, Nut Loan App, Cashpal App, Nairaeasy Gist Loan App, Camelloan App, Nairaloan App, Moneytreefinance Made Easy App, Cashme App, Secucash App, Creditbox App, and Cashmama App.

Where do I report loan apps in Nigeria?

To report issues with loan apps in Nigeria, you can contact the Consumer Protection Department (CPD) of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Address your letter of complaint to the Director, the Consumer Protection Department, and submit it either at the CBN Head Office or any of the Central Bank of Nigeria branches nationwide.

Which app can borrow me 150k in Nigeria?

Branch is a reliable mobile loan app in Nigeria and Kenya that offers quick and instant loans ranging from ₦1,500 to ₦150,000. The app’s simplicity and efficiency make it a suitable choice for addressing financial needs in real time.

Which is the number one loan app in Nigeria?

FairMoney is considered one of the leading lending apps in Nigeria, with over 10 million downloads. Known for providing quick loans in just 5 minutes, FairMoney is a popular choice for individuals and businesses alike, offering SME loans to cater to a diverse range of financial needs.

Which loan app did the federal government ban?

The loan apps banned by the federal government include Getloan, Swiftkash, JoyCash-Loan up to 1 million, Camellia, Cashhlawn, Nairaloan, Eaglecash, Moneytreefinance MadeEasy, Luckyloan Personal loan, Cashme, Easynaira, Swiftcash, Crediting, Hen credit loan, Nut loan, Cash door, Cashpal, and Naireasy gist loan.

Can a loan app block my bank account?

No, a loan app cannot block your BVN (Bank Verification Number) or your bank account. While loan apps may request access to your BVN for identity verification, they do not have the authority to block it. BVN is a unique identifier linked to your bank account, and its security is governed by banking regulations.

Can I block my BVN and get a new one?

Once enrolled, it is not possible to deactivate or block your BVN. The BVN system, introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria, is designed to enhance security and reduce fraud. If there are concerns about your BVN, it is advisable to contact the associated bank, explain the situation, and follow their guidance for any necessary actions.

Can loan apps deactivate my BVN?

No, a loan app cannot deactivate or block your BVN (Bank Verification Number). The authority to manage and control BVNs lies with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). While loan apps may request access to BVNs for identity verification, they do not have the capability to alter or deactivate this unique identifier.

Can bad debt be recovered?

Yes, bad debt can be recovered, either partially or in full. Recovery often occurs through payments received from a bankruptcy trustee or from the proceeds of selling collateral that was put up by the borrower. While some bad debts may remain uncollectible, efforts to recover funds can still be made through various legal and financial mechanisms.

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