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Remitta Login With Phone Number, Email, Online Portal, Website

Remita offers multiple avenues for users to access their accounts, providing flexibility through login methods such as phone numbers, email addresses, online portal, and the official website. Despite the absence of phone number login functionality, users can conveniently log in using their email address, granting them access to the Remita online portal and website.

This article explores the step-by-step processes for Remita login using phone numbers, email addresses, online portals, and the official website, incorporating troubleshooting tips for users facing login issues.

Remita Login with Phone Number

Despite research indicating that Remita currently does not support logging in with phone numbers, users can anticipate future updates. During the signup process, users are required to provide their phone numbers, setting the stage for potential enhancements to Remita’s login features.

Remita Login with Email Address

Remita facilitates seamless access to accounts through email addresses. The primary method involves visiting the Remita website or using the Remita mobile app. Users can choose options such as “Personal MSME” or “Corporate” based on their account type. The login process involves entering the associated email address and password accurately, ensuring successful access to the Remita account.

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Remita Login with Online Portal

The Remita online portal serves as a user-friendly web-based platform for managing Remita accounts efficiently. Users can perform various financial tasks, view transaction history, manage payments, and access additional features provided by Remita. Accessing the online portal involves opening a web browser, visiting the Remita website, clicking on “Login,” and entering the login email address and password before clicking “Sign In.”

Remita Login with Website

The Remita website serves as an alternative platform for logging in. Users can follow these steps: open a web browser, visit, click on the “Login” button, enter the login email address and password accurately, and click “Login” to access the Remita account. The website offers a secure environment for users to explore services and features.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If facing login issues, users can initiate the password reset process by clicking on the “Forgot password” or “Reset password” option on the login page.
  • Ensure that the entered email address and password are accurate to avoid login errors.
  • For future updates on phone number login functionality, users are encouraged to stay informed through official Remita channels.


How do I open a Remita account?

To open a Remita account, visit, click on “Sign Up,” choose “My personal account” from the dropdown, fill in the required details, and click “Proceed.” Verify your mobile number with the OTP sent.

How do I recover my Remita receipt?

To recover a Remita receipt, click on ‘Resend Receipt or Invoice,’ input the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR), and click ‘Submit.’ The receipt will be resent to your registered email address.

How do I verify my Remita payment?

To verify Remita payment, log into your Remita profile, select ‘Confirm Presented Receipt’ under ‘Collections,’ enter the RRR provided by the payer, click ‘View Receipt,’ and choose the number of copies to view.

How do I get an RRR code for Remita payment?

Generate RRR by visiting, clicking “Pay FGN’s and State TSA,” selecting the relevant option, and typing the MDA’s name in the field.

Which bank owns Remita?

Remita is owned by SystemSpecs, a financial services company.

What is Remita account number?

The Remita Retrieval Reference Number (RRR) is a 12-digit electronic code used for making financial payments.

How can I get my Remita receipt without RRR number?

To retrieve your Remita receipt without the RRR number, use the “View Receipts” menu on the #RemitaApp. Download the app at and access another copy of your receipt in your email inbox.

How do I find my Remita reference number?

Log in to your Remita account and use the search engine at the top. Enter the billing agent’s name (business or government agency) for the payment, then press enter or click search to find your Remita reference number.

What is Remita email?

For support, contact Remita via email at [email protected] or by phone at (+234) 700-4-REMITA (0700-7-877678).

How do I pay for my name change on Remita?

To pay for a name change on Remita, visit, click ‘Pay Billers’ under ‘Bills & Purchases,’ type ‘National Identity Management Commission,’ click ‘Submit,’ and proceed with your preferred payment method.

How do I pay my Remita tender fee?

To pay your Remita tender fee, go to the Remita payment platform, select “Pay TSA & States Module,” type “NIPOST” for “To Whom to Pay,” scroll down, and choose “Nigerian Postal Services (NIPOST) – 012301200100” with a 12-digit number. Proceed with the payment process by following the instructions provided.

Which country uses Remita?

Remita is primarily used in Nigeria. It serves as the default payment gateway for the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Treasury Single Account (TSA), the largest of its kind in Africa.

Does Remita expire?

The Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) remains valid until the payment is made through any of Remita’s payment channels. There is no expiration as long as the payment is pending.

How do I link my bank account to Remita?

To link your bank account to Remita, sign up on the website or download the Remita Mobile App. Set up your profile, link your bank accounts and/or cards, verify your identity through a secure authentication process, and gain access to the platform’s features for easy payments.

How do I pay Remita without going to the bank?

Remita offers various payment channels, including debit/credit cards, bank accounts, branches of any commercial bank nationwide, microfinance banks, USSD, POS, internet banking, and digital wallets. Choose a convenient method to make your payment without visiting a bank.

Can I pay Remita at any bank?

Certainly, Remita allows flexible payment options. Customers can pay through their preferred channels, including Remita (app & web), Internet Banking, Any Bank Branch, Debit/Credit Cards, Websites, Mobile Wallets, PoS Terminals, Registered Agents, and Direct Debit/Standing Order.

Can Remita refund my money?

Yes, Remita provides refunds in cases of transaction failures or errors. If you experience issues such as failed payments or incorrect debits, you can contact Remita’s customer care to resolve these problems and initiate the refund process.


Remita provides a versatile login experience, allowing users to access their accounts through email addresses, online portals, and the official website. While phone number login is not currently supported, Remita users can enjoy secure and convenient access using alternative methods. By following the provided steps and troubleshooting tips, users can navigate the Remita login process with ease.

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