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Zenith bank Customer Care Whatsapp number, Phone Number email address and Office Address

Zenith Bank prioritizes customer care, offering multiple accessible support channels. This article delves into the array of options available to customers, including the Zenith Bank Customer Care WhatsApp number, phone numbers, email address, and office addresses. These avenues serve as vital touchpoints for clients seeking assistance, information, or support. Zenith Bank’s dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction is evident through these diverse and readily available communication channels, demonstrating their commitment to delivering exceptional service to their valued customers..

Zenith Bank Customer Care Phone Number

For any inquiries related to your Zenith account, transaction assistance, or platform-related issues, you can rely on Zenith Bank’s dedicated customer care team. By dialing the following phone number, you can swiftly connect with a knowledgeable representative who is ready to assist. Their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer support ensures that your financial questions and concerns are addressed promptly, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience while utilizing Zenith’s services. You can easily reach Zenith’s customer care by dialing 234-1-2787000. Your financial needs and inquiries are in capable hands with Zenith Bank’s responsive customer service.

Zenith Bank Whatsapp Number

Zenith Bank offers an official WhatsApp contact number: +234-7040004422. It’s vital to use this number exclusively when you require assistance from Zenith. This precaution helps safeguard against potential scams, ensuring that you’re interacting with the genuine Zenith team. Moreover, Zenith provides a convenient live chat option within their app, offering another avenue for direct communication. Zenith prioritizes your online safety and strongly encourages using these official channels for contacting them to enhance your security. An Intelligent Virtual Assistant facilitates the WhatsApp number called “Ziva,” capable of assisting with various banking services and inquiries, making it a versatile and user-friendly resource for customers.

Zenith Bank Email address

Zenith Bank offers a dedicated email address exclusively for customer support, simplifying the process of seeking assistance or providing feedback. Their highly skilled support team is well-equipped to address intricate issues and promptly respond to inquiries. You can easily reach out with your questions or concerns by emailing [email protected]. The Zenith support team operates around the clock, ensuring that users have access to effective solutions at any time. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are their top priorities, and they are committed to delivering a seamless and supportive experience for all users. This dedicated email channel underscores their emphasis on accessibility and responsiveness.

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Zenith Bank Office Address

Zenith Bank upholds a network of physical offices that spans across Nigeria, a testament to their unwavering commitment to transparency and accessibility for their valued customers. These strategically located branches offer vital points of contact for formal inquiries and situations where face-to-face meetings are imperative. For those who prefer in-person interactions, Zenith’s Nigerian offices are thoughtfully positioned throughout the nation, ensuring convenience and support. Whether you seek assistance or intend to engage in business transactions in a personal and direct manner, Zenith’s commitment to openness is prominently demonstrated through their extensive physical office network. This network comprises approximately 390 branches strategically placed in Nigerian cities, with their head office located at Plot 84, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, providing a comprehensive and accessible platform for customer connections.

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Zenith Bank Customer Care On Twitter

Zenith Bank maintains an official presence on Twitter; however, it is paramount to exercise caution and remain vigilant to avoid falling victim to impostors posing as Zenith agents on the platform. Prior to engaging with anyone claiming to represent Zenith on Twitter, it is imperative to verify that you are interacting with their official and verified account, which is denoted by the presence of a valid Golden badge. You can securely and directly connect with Zenith’s authentic Twitter account via this link: This precautionary measure serves as a vital safeguard against potential scams and assures that you are indeed in contact with the legitimate Zenith service provider on the platform.

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Zenith Bank Customer Care On Facebook

Zenith Bank maintains a notable presence not only on Twitter but also on Facebook, where the presence of the verified Facebook blue badge distinguishes their official account. It’s crucial to exercise caution as any account claiming to represent Zenith Bank outside of these official channels should be considered unauthorized. You can confidently access their authentic Facebook account via this link: Zenith primarily delivers its digital payment services through their mobile app, underscoring the significance of using the app for various functionalities. Moreover, they ensure customer support through a range of online channels, including email, social media, and in-app chat, prioritizing accessibility and assistance for their valued users.

Zenith Bank Customer Care On Instagram

Zenith Bank not only maintains an official presence on Twitter and Facebook but also on Instagram, where the presence of the valid Instagram blue badge distinguishes their genuine account. It’s imperative to emphasize that any other account claiming to represent Zenith outside of these officially verified channels should be viewed as unauthorized. You can securely access their authentic Instagram account through this link: This verification serves as a vital safeguard, enabling users to confidently engage with Zenith on Instagram while ensuring the safety and security of their online interactions. Exercise caution when encountering unofficial accounts and rely on the provided link to access Zenith’s verified Instagram presence.


How can I contact Zenith Bank customer care on WhatsApp?c

You can easily contact Zenith Bank customer care on WhatsApp by saving their dedicated WhatsApp number, +234-7040004422, to your phone’s contacts. Once saved, send a simple “Hi” message to initiate a conversation with Zenith Bank’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant, known as ZiVA. This AI-powered bot can assist with various banking services, including bill payments, fund transfers, balance inquiries, and more, offering a convenient and efficient way to address your banking needs through WhatsApp.

What is Zenith Bank customer care email address?

You can reach Zenith Bank’s customer care via email at [email protected]. For additional assistance, you can also contact them by calling 234-1-2787000 or 0700ZENITHBANK or by visiting the nearest Zenith Bank branch.

How do I report a problem to Zenith Bank?

To report an issue to Zenith Bank, you can contact Zenith Direct by calling 012787000 or 0700ZENITHBANK. They are available to assist you with resolving any problems or concerns you may have regarding your account or banking services.

What is the WhatsApp channel for Zenith Bank?

The WhatsApp channel for Zenith Bank is accessible by sending a “Hi” message to ZiVA on WhatsApp at 07040004422. For further information, you can visit Zenith Bank’s website at This channel provides a convenient way to interact with Zenith Bank and access a range of banking services through WhatsApp.

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