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Baxi customer care number, Whatsapp and email address and Office Address

This article delves into the various ways to reach out to Baxi’s customer care. Whether you prefer making a phone call, using WhatsApp, sending an email, or even visiting their physical office, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find Baxi’s dedicated customer care phone number, official WhatsApp contact, customer support email address, and office address for those who prefer in-person assistance. Understanding these contact options ensures you can access the help you need and enhance your experience with Baxi’s financial services.

Baxi Customer Care Phone Number

For any questions about your Baxi account, help with transactions, or if you’re facing any issues using the platform, you can always rely on Baxi’s dedicated customer support team. Simply call the provided phone number, and you’ll be connected with a knowledgeable representative who is ready to assist you. Baxi is committed to providing excellent customer service, ensuring that any financial concerns or questions you have are addressed promptly, making your experience with the platform smoother and more efficient. You can reach Baxi’s customer care at this number: Call: 01-700 8571.

Baxi Whatsapp Number

Baxi provides an official WhatsApp contact: +2349080532234. It’s essential to exclusively use this number when you require assistance from Baxi. This practice ensures your protection from potential scams and assures that you’re in genuine contact with the official Baxi team. Additionally, Baxi offers a convenient live chat feature within their app, allowing you to interact with them easily. Baxi prioritizes your online security, and they strongly encourage you to utilize these authorized communication channels to safeguard your well-being and maintain a secure connection with their support team. Your safety and genuine interactions are their utmost concern.

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Baxi Email Address

If you favor written communication, Baxi offers an email channel dedicated to customer support. Whether you have intricate issues that demand in-depth explanations or you simply find sending an email more convenient, Baxi’s support team is prepared to provide prompt responses. Send your inquiries to the specified email address, and anticipate timely and informative replies. To reach out, use the following email addresses: For general support, contact [email protected]. For partnership inquiries, reach out to [email protected]. Baxi is committed to addressing your concerns and providing the assistance you need via email, ensuring a reliable and responsive support experience.

Baxi Office Address

In addition to Baxi’s digital communication options, it’s important to be aware of their physical contact address. This address can be valuable for formal inquiries or situations requiring in-person meetings. Baxi is dedicated to transparency and accessibility, and this is reflected in their physical presence. If necessary, you can visit their offices to seek assistance. Baxi’s head office in Nigeria is situated at the following location: 

Address: 3, Murtala Muhammed International Airport Road, Ajao Estate, Lagos, Nigeria. This accessible physical location demonstrates Baxi’s commitment to providing a range of communication avenues to cater to diverse needs and preferences.

Baxi Customer Care on Twitter

Baxi’s official Twitter presence can be found at This verified account serves as a platform for Baxi to connect with its users, providing updates, information, and assistance. It’s essential to recognize this legitimate Twitter account as the go-to source for Baxi-related news and support. While Baxi primarily operates through its mobile app, its Twitter presence ensures that users have yet another reliable channel to engage with the company. By following the official Baxi Twitter account, users can stay informed, ask questions, and access Baxi’s services securely, further enhancing their online experience.

Baxi Customer Care on Facebook

Baxi’s online presence extends to Facebook, where their official account bears the verified Facebook blue badge for authenticity. It’s crucial to remain cautious as any other account claiming to represent Baxi on unofficial channels should be treated as unauthorized. Their verified Facebook account can be accessed through this link: Baxi predominantly provides digital payment services through their mobile app, underlining its significance for most functions. Furthermore, they ensure customer support accessibility through various online avenues, including email, social media, and in-app chat. This comprehensive approach guarantees that users can seek assistance and engage with Baxi across multiple platforms.

Baxi Customer Care on Instagram

Baxi maintains an official presence on not just Facebook but also Instagram, with the presence of a valid Instagram blue badge confirming the authenticity of their account. It’s imperative to recognize that any other account claiming to represent Baxi outside these verified platforms should be considered unauthorized. Their legitimate Instagram account is accessible through this link: This verification offers users the confidence to engage with Baxi on Instagram, ensuring the safety and security of their online interactions. It’s crucial to exercise caution regarding unofficial accounts and rely on the provided link to access Baxi’s verified Instagram presence.

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What is Baxi’s customer care line?

Baxi’s customer care line is reachable at 01-700 8571. If you need assistance or have inquiries regarding Baxi’s services, you can call this number to connect with their customer support team for prompt help and information.

Which bank owns Baxi?

Baxi is not owned by a bank; it was acquired by MFS Africa. MFS Africa signed an agreement to acquire Capricorn Digital, the owners of Baxi, in 2022. Capricorn Digital is one of Nigeria’s leading digital solutions and distribution companies with a significant agent network across the country.

What is the daily limit for Baxi?

Baxi imposes different daily transaction limits depending on the user’s account type. For Baxi Pro, users can enjoy a maximum daily transaction limit of N1,000,000. To qualify for this increased limit, users must meet specific requirements, including providing their agent and guarantor passport, a valid ID card, a CDL legal agreement form, and their BVN (Bank Verification Number). This elevated limit allows Baxi Pro users to engage in more substantial financial transactions, making it an attractive option for those who require higher transaction capabilities.

Who is the owner of Baxi POS?

The owner of Baxi POS is MFS Africa. Baxi POS was acquired by MFS Africa on October 20, 2021. MFS Africa is a prominent player in the financial and digital payment industry.

How do I become a Baxi POS agent?

To become a Baxi POS agent, you can follow a simple process:

  • Sign up: Purchase the Baxi POS device online or offline through a sales representative.
  • Registration & Documentation: Complete the agent application form and agreement using the POS system.
  • Set up & Activation: Create your agent data and set up the POS device.
  • Training & Branding: Undergo training and receive your starter pack to get started as a Baxi POS agent.

How much is Baxi POS in Nigeria?

The cost of a Baxi POS machine in Nigeria varies depending on the type of POS device. The Baxi Android POS is priced at N30,000, while the Baxi MPOS is available for N10,000. It’s important to note that these prices are considered cautionary fees rather than the outright purchase price. Paying the cautionary fee allows users to obtain and use the Baxi POS, but ownership remains with Baxi. Users can receive a refund upon returning the device in good working condition. This pricing structure offers flexibility for those looking to utilize Baxi’s POS services without the commitment of outright ownership.

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