Best Loan Apps for Android and iPhone Users in Nigeria

In the evolving landscape of financial technology, the accessibility of loan apps has become increasingly prevalent. While many Nigerians associate loan apps primarily with Android devices, it is essential to highlight that iPhone users can also benefit from these financial services. This article aims to shed light on some of the best loan apps available for both Android and iPhone users in Nigeria, drawing insights from two distinct sources.

Best Loan Apps for Android and iPhone Users in Nigeria


Renmoney is a reputable app accessible on both Android and iPhone platforms. Known for its popularity among Nigerians, Renmoney facilitates not only borrowing but also bill payments and airtime recharge. The app is user-friendly, with minimal paperwork requirements for loan processing.

Aella Credit

Aella Credit stands out as a transparent and trusted loan app, available for both Android and iPhone users. The app ensures a quick loan request process, providing Nigerians with instant loans in less than 5 minutes, without the need for collateral.


Kuda, a notable online banking app, caters to the financial needs of Nigerians. Available on both Android and iOS devices, Kuda offers services beyond loans, including savings, spending, and investment opportunities. Notably, Kuda eliminates the necessity for a guarantor when applying for a loan.

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Palmpay, renowned for its financial platform, extends its services to both Android and iPhone users. In addition to functioning as an online banking app, Palmpay offers the Palmpay Flexi Cash feature, allowing users to borrow money with a low-interest rate and flexible repayment terms.

Page Financial

Page Financial, a Fintech organization, is accessible on both Android and iPhone devices. The app provides a range of financial services, emphasizing its role in offering loans to financially unstable individuals. Page Financial is known for its flexible interest rates.


Credpal serves as a versatile platform for borrowing money, particularly during financial constraints. The app is unique in its use of a credit card as a loan vehicle, available for both iPhone and Android users. Credpal also functions as a wallet for payments, money transfers, and savings.


KiaKia is a peer-to-peer lending app accessible to both Android and iPhone users in Nigeria. This platform facilitates quick loan disbursement by connecting borrowers with willing lenders. With a simple application process, KiaKia ensures that approved loans are transferred to the borrower’s bank account within minutes.


Hometown is a relatively new addition to the iPhone loan apps in Nigeria, offering pay-as-you-go loans along with various financial services. Known for its flexibility, Hometown provides reasonable lending rates for both new and existing customers, making it a viable option for those seeking accessible loans.


YesCredit simplifies the process of accessing instant loans for both Android and iPhone users in Nigeria. The app boasts a swift application and approval process, allowing users to sign up, apply for a loan, and get approved within minutes. Once approved, the loan amount reflects in the YesCredit wallet, providing a fast and reliable way to bridge financial gaps.


Which is the most trusted loan app in Nigeria?

Among the top lending apps in Nigeria, Branch stands out as one of the most trusted, with over 10 million app downloads, a 4.5-star rating, and positive reviews from 813k users. Its widespread usage and high user ratings signify a strong level of trust among borrowers.

Can I use loan app on iPhone?

Yes, several loan apps are available for iPhone users in Nigeria. This expands the accessibility of borrowing options, allowing iPhone users to benefit from the convenience and speed offered by these financial apps.

Which loan app gives 50000 instantly?

Carbon loan app provides users with the capability to obtain an instant loan of up to ₦50,000. This feature caters to urgent financial needs, enabling users to address immediate concerns such as bills and school fees promptly.

Can loan app access my contacts if uninstalled?

Once an application is uninstalled, any access it had to contacts or messages is revoked. However, users should be aware that information collected before uninstallation might have been stored on the app’s servers.

Is PalmCredit on appstore?

Yes, Palmpay, including the PalmCredit loan service, is available on both the App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. This ensures accessibility for users on different platforms, offering a seamless borrowing experience.

Is Okash still giving loans?

Yes, Okash is still actively providing loans to customers, ensuring a seamless online application process with minimal documentation. The efficient 7*24 service emphasizes Okash’s commitment to meeting customers’ financial needs promptly and conveniently.

How do I remove my information from the loan app?

To remove your information from a loan app, navigate to your phone settings, access app permissions, select the specific loan app, and revoke all granted permissions. This action restricts the app’s access to sensitive data such as images, phone numbers, and email addresses, enhancing user privacy.

Which is the most trusted loan app in Nigeria?

Among the most trusted loan apps in Nigeria are Branch, FairMoney MFB, Kuda, Carbon, Aella, Palm Credit, and RenMoney, each with significant app downloads and positive user reviews, reflecting their reliability and popularity.

How legit is JoyCash?

JoyCash is considered legitimate with a 3.8-star rating on the Google Play Store, over 100,000 downloads, and positive user reviews. Its reliability is demonstrated by its ability to offer loans of up to N80,000, providing borrowers with flexibility in repayment terms.

Who owns Palmcredit loan app?

Palmcredit is owned by Newedge Finance. As a mobile loan app, it operates in Nigeria, offering swift access to loans without requiring collateral. The app’s lending process is streamlined, typically requesting only the borrower’s BVN (Bank Verification Number) and other relevant personal information. Newedge Finance’s ownership underscores Palmcredit’s commitment to providing accessible and efficient financial solutions for individuals in need of quick loans in Nigeria.


Contrary to the common belief that loan apps are exclusive to Android users, iPhone users in Nigeria can also benefit from a variety of legitimate and trustworthy loan apps. The highlighted apps cater to the diverse financial needs of individuals, offering quick and convenient loan solutions without compromising user privacy. As the financial technology sector continues to evolve, these loan apps provide a valuable resource for both Android and iPhone users seeking accessible and reliable financial assistance in Nigeria.

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