I Need a Loan Of N50,000, N100,000 – 10 Apps That Can Give A Loan Of 50,000 Naira and 100,000 Naira

List of 10 Apps That Can Give A Loan Of 50,000 Naira and 100,000 Naira

An average Nigerian might be wondering, if there is any way to get a loan of N50,000, instantly without hassle. Well, we all know that before a bank would grant a loan of 50,000 to any individual, there must be some paperwork and collateral, which would require one to head to any of their respective branches. However, there is a solution to this, have you heard of loan apps? With loan apps, one can get instant quick loans without any collaterals or paperwork. Just within your comfort, using your smartphones you can apply and get credited within minutes.

In this article, we will be walking you through some carefully selected loan apps, where you can borrow up to N50,000, with low interest and a flexible repayments option. These good and reputable lending platforms would be of great help to you, provided your credit score is not bad and you meet all your lending requirements, then you are good to go.

List of Loan Companies and Loan Apps where you can get a Loan of N50,000 and N100,000

The below contains a list of some lending platforms where you can easily obtain a loan of N50,000 on your very first try. 


On this list, FairMoney stands out to be the best lending app available on the internet today, that is capable of Lending N50,000, on the first try, with this users can also bag repayment periods, up to six months.

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As a starter, in order to qualify for N50,000 on FairMoney, you have to meet all the requirements outlined by them, such as maintaining a good credit score and not owing other lending platforms, the beauty about FairMoney is that even if you are about to default, you can choose to extend your loan period.

Fairmoney is a licensed loan app and has no record of dishonest or illicit behavior. With over 10 million downloads on the google play store, FairMoney can be regarded as the best of all.

Branch Loan App

Branch is also known for its capacity to lend N50,000 on the very first try, it has a flexible repayments period alongside a low interest, Branch responds swiftly to loan applications,  and doesn’t require paperwork or collateral, unlike FairMoney, you can’t extend a loan. 

Branch is also a licensed lending platform, it has no history or records of deceit, dishonesty, or illicit behavior, once you default they will never intimidate or harass you, instead they come up with a flexible repayment option for you.


Carbon is known for its robust capability of accommodating many borrowers, with over 1 million downloads on google play store, carbon can lend up to N1,000,000.  It has a very low-interest rate and flexible repayment terms. Users can bag a N50,000 loan on the first try, provided they meet all the necessary requirements. 

Carbon is also a licensed lending platform, you don’t need paperwork, collateral, or whatsoever to access their loans. Just within your fingertip, your loan would be disbursed within minutes.


The fourth on our list is Renmoney, just like others, Renmoney is a financial lending application, that offers more than N50,000 loan in Nigeria, it also has a flexible repayment period of up to 24 months, This lends in millions also.

Their loans are available to both business owners and individuals, Renmoney offers personal and SME loans. There is no need for submitting paperwork or collateral. For one to be eligible, first of all; he or she must be a Nigerian, must be between 18 and above, there should also be a reliable source of income, means of identification, and BVN (Bank Verification Number).


Managed by blue bridge microfinance bank, is another loan app, that can give up to N50,000 to N1 million loan in Nigeria, its application requires no paperwork or collateral, just like others, it has a swift loan approval and disbursal process. It also possesses low interest and flexible repayment terms, paving a convenient way for those in need of loans quickly.


Palmcredit also gives N50,000 loans, with over 10 million downloads on Google play store, Palmcredit offers quick loans to individuals, with a flexible repayment rate and a very low interest. In order to be eligible, one must first of all be between the age of 18 and upwards. Having a valid and acceptable means of identification is also a criterion, followed by a reliable source of income.

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Irorun loan app gives users a maximum of N50,000 and upwards. The app is designed based on personal loans, it has a loan tenure range from 2 weeks to a month. It provides easy access to loans, with no paperwork or collateral, The app is available on the Google play store with over 100 thousand downloads. 

It has a low-interest rate, alongside a quick disbursement process, but however, before one can be granted a loan, there is a mandatory payment of a “processing fee”, the amount of this fee, depending on the amount borrowed.

Aella Credit

This is another loan app, which gives up to N50,000 loan, just like others listed above, with over 1 million downloads on the google play store, Aella credit has a low-interest rate, quick disbursal process, and flexible repayment terms, Individuals and businesses owners can also secure a loan, Without any submission of collateral or paperwork.

Aella Credit can be downloaded on the Google play store, as well as the Apple Store. 


KiaKia is another lending platform that offers loans of N50,000, both individuals and business owners are eligible to apply, provided they meet certain criteria such as; having a valid means of identification, must be 18 years upwards, having a reliable source of income, maintaining a good credit score, e.t.c.

With over 100 thousand downloads, they offer loans with low-interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and a quick disbursal process.


Quickcheck happens to be the last on our list. With over 1 million downloads on the google play store, Quick Credit boasts of instant loan disbursement, and flexible repayment terms, alongside a very low interest. This lending platform requires no paperwork or collateral.

“QuickCheck” as the name implies offers N50,000 loan to individuals and business owners, provided they have a good credit score and meet all outlined criteria.


Where can I borrow money urgently in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, you can borrow money urgently without collateral from various banks. Some of the top banks that offer such loans include FCMB (First City Monument Bank) Limited, WEMA Bank, Stanbic IBTC, Zenith Bank, Fidelity Bank, First Bank, United Bank for Africa (UBA), and GT Bank. These banks provide quick loan options to individuals in need of urgent funds, with minimal requirements and paperwork. It’s advisable to contact these banks directly for more information on their loan offerings.

Can I borrow up to 50k from PalmPay?

Yes, you can borrow up to ₦50,000 from PalmPay. They offer instant loans that can be approved within 5 minutes. The minimum loan amount available is ₦10,000, and the maximum amount you can borrow is ₦200,000. PalmPay provides a convenient and quick loan service to individuals in Nigeria, allowing them to access funds for their urgent financial needs.

Which loan app gives the highest loan in Nigeria?

QuickCheck is a popular loan app in Nigeria that offers high loan amounts. It provides loans ranging from N1,500 to N500,000 with repayment terms from 91 days to 1 year. The app has gained significant popularity with over 1 million downloads. QuickCheck offers competitive interest rates starting as low as 5% monthly on the first loan, making it an attractive option for individuals seeking higher loan amounts in Nigeria.

How do I qualify for a loan from OKash?

To qualify for a loan from OKash, you need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Age: You must be between 20 and 55 years old.
  2. Android device: You need to have an Android device to access the OKash loan app.
  3. Data connection: A stable internet connection is necessary to use the app.
  4. Identification: You must possess a valid means of identification.
  5. Bank account and card: You need to have a valid bank account and debit card linked to it.

What is the name of the fake loan app in Nigeria?

Some of the fake loan apps in Nigeria include 9Credit, 9ja Cash, BorrowNow, Cash Mall, Cash Wallet, CashLion, Ease Cash, FastMoney, ForNaira, GGMoney, GoCash, GotCashger, GotoCash, KashKash, LCredit, LendCash, NairaPlus, NCash, Palmcash, and others. Both lenders and borrowers should steer clear of these fraudulent loan apps to avoid potential scams and financial risks.


if you’re in need of a loan of N50,000 in Nigeria, there are various loan apps available that can cater to your financial needs. These loan apps provide convenient and accessible loan solutions with minimal requirements and quick approval processes. It’s advisable to explore different loan app options, compare their interest rates and terms, and choose the one that best suits your preferences and repayment capabilities. 

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