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How To Become a Palmpay Aggregator and Palmpay Agent

If you’ve ever found yourself lost in thought, thinking about what steps need to be taken to become a palmpay agent or aggregator, since you’ve landed on this page, you are in the right place. Here we will discuss and highlight every single thing you need to know on “How to become a palmpay aggregator and palmpay agent. 

Before we dive into the latter, let’s quickly look into what palmpay is?, What it entails, before we move to the main topic that brought you here?

Palmpay is a mobile banking platform in Nigeria, which offers various banking functions on the go, it allows users to make transactions such as money transfers, bill payments, airtime top-ups, as well as lending services.

Who is a Palmpay Aggregator?

A Palmpay Aggregator functions as an intermediary between individuals or organizations and Palmpay, facilitating payment services. In this role, the aggregator is responsible for providing payment solutions on behalf of Palmpay. As an aggregator, you earn commissions for each transaction carried out through your platform.

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Who is a Palmpay Agent?

A Palmpay agent is an individual only (not an organization), it provides banking services, on behalf of a Palmpay Aggregator. There is a commission earned on every transaction made by them.

Requirements are needed to become a Palmpay Aggregator or Palmpay Agent.

Below are the requirements needed to become a Palmpay Aggregator or Palmpay Agent;

Means of Identification

To become a Palmpay Agent or Aggregator, one must provide a valid means of identification, this could be either of the following; National Identity card, Driver’s license, or an international passport.

Internet Availability

Internet access is needed, to use the Palmpay app to perform and carry out various financial services.


In some instances, one may be required to make a specific deposit. This may vary depending on your agreement with the aggregator.


You would be also required to provide your bank Verification Number (BVN), providing this would enable them to know you better and capture your information for reference purposes.

Contact Information

Contact information doesn’t mean your mobile number, don’t get me wrong, it entails full information about yourself, this includes; full name, age, date of birth, house address, passport photo, mobile number, etc.


To start as a Palmpay Agent or aggregator, one must have at least N20,000 as startup capital. 

Physical Location

Starting, as a Palmpay Agent, would require one to have a physical location, where he or she would operate, i.e. a situated place where transactions would be carried out.

The process of becoming a Palmpay Aggregator or agent isn’t that complex, provided you meet all the requirements and criteria, outlined by them. This is also a great opportunity for individuals who want to scale up their business by making extra income.

How to Become a Palmpay Aggregator

Firstly, before you can become a Palmpay Aggregator, you must first be registered under the Palmpay platform, to do this, the Palmpay application must be first downloaded onto your mobile device, from either Google or Apple play store, before you can start the registration process.

Once you are done registering and your account is verified, if you can’t find the “Apply as Aggregator” button, you can also contact Palmpay customer support for manual application. To locate the customer support button click on the “me” at the bottom right of the app. After this, click on the headset icon at the upper left. You would be redirected to an interface, where you can either choose to open a ticket or chat with a customer representative. 

You would be asked to provide your personal information, such as your business name, business registration details, and other related information about your business.

After the above, you would have to wait for at least 48 hours for Palmpay to review your account, once your account has been reviewed, Palmpay reserves to right to either approve or decline your application.

Let’s assume you have been approved, you would be required to sign an agreement, i.e. Palmpay terms and conditions for being an aggregator.

Once the above had been completed, Palmpay would now grant you access to integrate its payment gateway onto your business platform and start accepting payment on their behalf.

How to Become a Palmpay agent agent

First and foremost, you must first download and install Palmpay on your device, before you can commence the registration process.

After finalizing the registration process, kindly click on the “agent” icon, or contact their customer support for further assistance as indicated in the Aggregator section in this piece.

After the above, you would be required to provide details about your personal information, which includes your contact address, and information about your business or proposed business. 

Your application verification is subject to Palmpay confirmation, i.e. before accepting you as an agent, Palmpay would need to check thoroughly, just to ensure you meet all the requirements for becoming an agent.

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After your application has been approved, it doesn’t end there, you would still be required to attend Palmpay’s training session, to enlighten you more about becoming an agent.

Once the training has been finalized, Palmpay would provide you with the necessary Recourses, to start as their agent. These resources and tools include; Palmpay Agent ID, Palmpay Terminal, Palmpay Banner, Palmpay Agent QR code, and other relevant materials, which would help in driving potential customers to you.


Can I change my PalmPay account name?

Yes, you can change your PalmPay account name. After verifying your identity, PalmPay will process your name change request. You will receive a confirmation message once your name has been updated. To confirm the change, go to your profile and check the “Personal Information” section.

Which bank owns PalmPay?

PalmPay is co-owned by Transsion Co., a Chinese company, along with another Chinese company called NetEase. Transmission Co. was the lead investor in a $40 million raise that helped PalmPay enter the Nigerian market and paved the way for additional investments from Chinese investors. The partnership between Transsion Co. and NetEase has contributed to the growth and development of PalmPay as a digital financial services platform.

Is PalmPay better than Opay?

The comparison between PalmPay and Opay depends on individual preferences and needs. Some users, like Stephen, find Opay to be more straightforward, while others may prefer PalmPay for its additional features and comfort. Both apps are generally considered easy to use, although opinions may vary on which one is easier. It is recommended to try out both apps and consider their specific features, services, and user experiences to determine which one better suits your requirements.

What is Tier 3 in PalmPay?

In PalmPay, Tier 3 refers to a specific account level or tier with certain transaction limits and balance restrictions. A Tier 3 account in PalmPay has a daily transaction limit of 500,000 nairas (the maximum amount that can be transacted in a day) but allows for an unlimited maximum balance. This means that while you cannot transact with more than 500,000 nairas in a single day, there is no restriction on the total amount of money you can have in your PalmPay account.

What is the benefit of a PalmPay agent?

The benefit of being a PalmPay agent is that you can enjoy instant settlement, which means you can access your earnings immediately. Additionally, each agent is assigned a dedicated sales manager to provide personalized support and guidance. PalmPay also offers multiple support channels, ensuring that agents can easily reach out for assistance or ask questions whenever needed. These benefits contribute to a smoother and more convenient experience for agents working with PalmPay.

Can I open a PalmPay account without BVN?

Yes, you can open a PalmPay account without a BVN (Bank Verification Number). PalmPay allows you to create a full financial account even if you don’t have a BVN. You can fund your account through various methods such as bank transfer, card payment, USSD, or by visiting a PalmPay Mobile Money agent. Simply download the PalmPay app from your app store and follow the account creation process to get started, regardless of whether you have a BVN or not.


Becoming a PalmPay aggregator or agent offers opportunities to participate in the digital financial services ecosystem. To become a PalmPay aggregator, one can apply through the official channels and leverage their existing business network to offer PalmPay services. As a PalmPay agent, individuals can access instant settlement, dedicated sales support, and multiple assistance channels. Whether as an aggregator or agent, joining PalmPay provides avenues for financial inclusion and the potential to earn income while contributing to the growth of digital finance in your community.

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