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Forgot my NiceNaira Password and Pin – How to Reset, Change and Recover NiceNaira Password and Pin

Forgetting passwords and PINs has become a common occurrence in today’s digital age, often leading users to abandon their accounts out of frustration. However, platforms like NiceNaira understand the importance of providing convenient solutions for users to regain access to their accounts. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the step-by-step processes for resetting, changing, and recovering your NiceNaira password and PIN, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

NiceNaira stands as a robust platform offering a myriad of financial services, including loans and mobile money functions, catering to individuals and businesses across Nigeria. Its user-friendly interface and diverse offerings make it a go-to platform for various financial needs.

How To Reset Your NiceNaira Password

  1. Access the NiceNaira App: Begin by navigating to the NiceNaira app on your device. As of now, NiceNaira does not have an online portal.
  2. Initiate Password Reset: Locate and click on the “Login” button within the app’s homepage. Proceed to the login page and find the “Forgot Password” option. Alternatively, some updates may include a “Reset Password” link directly on the login page.
  3. Enter Email Address: Follow the prompts to enter the email address associated with your NiceNaira account. Ensure accuracy to facilitate successful verification.
  4. Verification Process: NiceNaira will send a verification link or code to your email. Access your inbox and click on the provided link or copy and paste the verification code as instructed.
  5. Create New Password: Once verified, you’ll be redirected to the password reset page. Enter a new password, ensuring it is strong and unique. Re-enter the password for confirmation.
  6. Completing Reset: After confirming your new password, click on the “Reset Password” button to finalize the process. NiceNaira will save your new password, and you’ll receive a confirmation message.

How To Change Your NiceNaira Password

  1. Log in to Your Account: Access your NiceNaira account using your current password.
  2. Navigate to Account Settings: Locate and click on your account settings, usually represented by your profile picture.
  3. Access Password Settings: Within the account settings, find the “Password” option and click on it to proceed.
  4. Identity Verification: NiceNaira may prompt you to verify your identity through various methods, such as entering a verification code sent to your email or answering security questions.
  5. Enter New Password: Once identity verification is complete, enter your new password. Ensure it meets security requirements and is not easily guessable.
  6. Save Changes: After entering your new password, click on the “Save” button to update your password in the NiceNaira system.
  7. Confirmation: To confirm the password change, log out of your account and log back in using your new password.

How To Recover Your NiceNaira Password

The process for recovering your NiceNaira password follows a similar pattern to resetting it:

  1. Login: Access your NiceNaira account.
  2. Initiate Recovery: Click on the “Forgot Password” option.
  3. Provide Information: Enter your NiceNaira email address or mobile number, depending on the option available.
  4. Verification: NiceNaira will send a verification code to your email or mobile number. Follow the instructions to verify your account.
  5. Create New Password: Once verified, enter a new password and confirm the changes.
  6. Confirmation: Ensure successful login with your new password to confirm the recovery process.


How do loan apps recover their money?

Loan apps typically employ legal and ethical methods to recover funds from defaulters. This includes sending reminders, notifications, and alerts to borrowers regarding their outstanding payments. Additionally, they may utilize debt collection agencies or legal proceedings as a last resort. However, resorting to forgery, impersonation, or breaching privacy is unethical and illegal.

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Can loan apps access my gallery?

Loan apps available on the Play Store lost the ability to access users’ contacts or photos from May 31, 2023. Google enforced stricter privacy policies, limiting the permissions granted to apps. Thus, loan apps can no longer access personal data stored in users’ galleries.

Can loan app access my contacts if uninstalled?

While denying permissions and uninstalling the app should prevent it from accessing your contacts, some loan apps might have collected and stored your contact information on their servers during the time you had the app installed. It’s crucial to review app permissions and consider contacting the loan app provider to ensure your data is removed from their servers.

Which loan app gives 50000 instantly in Nigeria?

Carbon loan offers instant loans of up to fifty thousand naira in Nigeria. The platform is designed to provide users with quick access to personal loans, facilitating the resolution of urgent financial needs such as bills and school fees. Carbon adheres to regulatory guidelines while offering seamless loan processing and disbursement.

Can my BVN be blocked by a loan app?

No, a loan app in Nigeria cannot block your BVN (Bank Verification Number). Only the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has the authority to place restrictions on BVNs. Loan apps are required to comply with regulations and cannot independently block or restrict access to BVNs. Users need to exercise caution and report any unauthorized activities to relevant authorities.

Can a loan app withdraw my money?

No, a loan app cannot directly withdraw money from your bank account unless you have authorized them to do so. If your ATM card details are linked to the app, they may have access to initiate transactions, but they cannot withdraw funds without your consent. If you suspect unauthorized access, the best course of action is to block the ATM card associated with the app and request a new one to prevent further unauthorized transactions.

How do I stop loan apps from calling me?

To stop loan apps from calling you, navigate to your device’s settings, then go to the Apps Manager. Find the loan app in question and click on it. From there, you can manage the app’s permissions, including restricting its ability to make calls. Adjust the permissions accordingly to prevent unwanted calls from loan apps.

Can loan apps access my Gmail contacts?

Google has implemented strict rules to prohibit unlicensed loan apps from accessing personal data, including Gmail contacts. This ensures the protection of users’ privacy and prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information. Loan apps must adhere to Google’s policies to be available on the Android app store, ensuring a safer environment for users.


NiceNaira provides a user-friendly platform coupled with convenient options for resetting, changing, and recovering passwords and PINs. By following the outlined procedures, users can regain access to their accounts and continue enjoying the diverse financial services offered by NiceNaira.

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