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How to Delete Vimeo Account and What Happens Next?

How to Delete Vimeo Account and What Happens Next? – If you have been a Vimeo user for many years or are just a newcomer to this video sharing platform, but want to delete your account permanently then here is a complete guide on how to do it.

This article also delves into reasons why one would want to delete their Vimeo account and the eventuality of such actions. I will be sharing how one can delete Vimeo account from desktop as well as mobile devices.

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How to Delete Vimeo Account

To delete your Vimeo account, please follow these instructions:

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1. Go to the Vimeo account deletion page.

2. Enter your username and password.

3. Click the “Delete Account” button.

4. Click the “Yes, delete my account” button.

5. Click the “OK” button.

6. Enter your email address and press “Send”.

7. Receive an email confirming the deletion of your account. Reasons to Delete Vimeo Account

Though removing your Vimeo account may seem like a radical measure but there are quite a few valid reasons for doing so.

What Happens Next?

What happens next is up to you. You can choose to do something new, or continue doing what you’ve been doing. The choice is yours.

How to Pin a Video from Vimeo to Pinterest

Pinterest is a pinboard-style social media site where users can share and collect images, videos, and other objects by pinning them to their boards. To pin a video from Vimeo to Pinterest, first find the video you want to pin on

Then, click the “Share” button below the video and select “Pinterest” from the list of social media sites. If you have already created your Pinterest account, you can skip this step.

Add a Pin to Your Board Once you’re on Pinterest, click the “+” icon next to the video you want to pin. After that, go through the instructions and add the video to your board: Right-click and save the video to your computer.

From there, upload it to Pinterest as any other image by clicking “Upload” and choosing an image file from your computer. Posting to Your Board After you’ve uploaded the video, it will appear on your Pinterest page and on your board! To share the video on your Facebook wall, click “Share, ” and choose Facebook from the list of social media sites.

Can I Monetize by Downloading a Vimeo Video on YouTube?

Yes, you can monetize your video by downloading it from Vimeo and uploading it to YouTube. By doing so, you will be able to collect ad revenue from your video.

First, upload the video to Vimeo by clicking “Upload. ” Choose a file to upload and click “Upload” to start uploading.

Upload the video to Vimeo Once uploaded, you will notice that a “Download” button appears on the right-hand side of the window. Click “Download” to download the video and make it your YouTube page.

YouTube Home Page After uploading, click “YouTube” in the upper right corner of your Vimeo page and choose a thumbnail for your video.

How to Delete a Vimeo Channel

To delete a Vimeo channel, first sign in to your account. Once you’re signed in, click on the “My Channels” tab and then click on the “Delete Channel” button.

What Happens After Deleting a Vimeo Channel

If you delete your Vimeo channel, your account and all its videos will be permanently deleted.

After the deletion process is complete, you won’t be able to access your videos from Vimeo or from your YouTube account. Deleting Your Vimeo Channel

To delete your Vimeo channel, go to: https://vimeo. com/mychannel

Click on the “My Channel” link (which will be in blue) and then click on the “Delete Channel” button that appears at the bottom of the page.

If you’re already signed in to your Vimeo account, you can click on the “Sign Out” button that appears on the page and then sign back in to Vimeo to delete your channel.

How do I cancel my Vimeo subscription?

To cancel your Vimeo subscription, please follow these instructions:

1. Go to your account settings

2. Click on the “Cancel Subscription” button

3. Confirm your cancellation

Your subscription will be cancelled and you will no longer be charged. However, if you later wish to re-subscribe or restore a cancelled subscription, you will need to pay the current subscription fee again.


How to delete Vimeo account and What Happens Next? Deleting your Vimeo account is a big decision, but there are a few reasons why you might want to do it. If you’re sure you want to go through with it, here’s how.

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