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How To Get Baxi POS: Baxi POS Charges, Daily Target, POS Machine Price and Requirements

If you’re considering venturing into the world of electronic payments and expanding your business’s horizons in Nigeria, understanding the ins and outs of Baxi POS is crucial. This article will guide you on how to get a Baxi Point of Sale (POS) system. You’ll discover the requirements for obtaining a Baxi POS, explore the associated charges, grasp the flexibility of daily transaction targets, and get insights into the pricing options. Whether you’re a seasoned merchant or just starting your entrepreneurial journey, this resource will provide valuable insights to help you understand the Baxi POS effectively.

How to get Baxi POS in Nigeria

Obtaining a Baxi POS in Nigeria is a straightforward process, with both online and offline options available:

Online Method

1. Download the BaxiMobile App or visit their website.
2. Register an agent account with your phone number and upgrade it to Baxi Pro with your BVN for enhanced functionality.
3. Request the Baxi mPOS or Android POS based on your business needs.
4. Complete the Baxi POS registration form with your business details and submit it for review.
5. Once approved, you’ll receive your Baxi POS device and can begin accepting payments.

Offline Method

1. Contact the Baxi Team through various channels like phone, WhatsApp, email, or social media.
2. Request a Sales Rep to assist you with the offline process.
3. Download the BaxiMobile App, complete the sign-up process, and request a Baxi POS.
4. You’ll receive training from a Baxi agent and a starter pack.

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Whether online or offline, Baxi makes it accessible for entrepreneurs to start accepting payments and grow their businesses in Nigeria.

Baxi POS Charges

Baxi POS charges in Nigeria encompass a variety of transaction types. They levy a 1.5% to 2% commission for data and airtime recharges, DSTV, GOTV, and Startimes subscriptions, PHCN bill payments, WAEC, and JAMB result checker PINs. Card payments incur a 0.75% fee, while mobile wallet transactions charge 1.5%. There’s a flat N30 charge for cash deposits, and bill payment fees depend on the specific biller’s rates. Additionally, they impose withdrawal fees of 0.55% for amounts below 20,000 naira, a fixed N100 fee for 20,001 to 100,000 naira, and N150 for amounts exceeding 100,000 naira. There’s also a one-time registration fee, with the amount determined by the chosen Baxi POS machine model.

Baxi POS Daily Target

Baxi POS stands out because it lacks a mandatory daily transaction target for users. Unlike other POS companies imposing strict daily targets, Baxi provides merchants unparalleled flexibility. Users can set daily sales targets, tailoring them to their unique business needs, sales projections, and market conditions. This user-centric approach allows merchants to focus on performance, track progress, and make necessary adjustments without the pressure of daily targets. Baxi recognizes that every business operates at its own pace and rhythm, making it a favourable choice for those seeking a POS solution that prioritizes freedom and adaptability over rigid daily quotas.

Baxi POS Machine Price

The cost of Baxi POS machines in Nigeria varies depending on the specific model and type. Baxi offers two options: the Baxi Android POS priced at N30,000 and the Baxi MPOS at N10,000. It’s crucial to note that these charges are cautionary fees rather than outright ownership costs. Businesses rent these devices from Baxi and can receive a refund upon returning them in good working condition. The price discrepancy is mainly due to the differences in features and capabilities, with the Android POS offering more advanced functionalities, including receipt printing and internet connectivity. Baxi POS machines are known for their affordability, catering to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in Nigeria.

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Baxi POS Requirements

To obtain a Baxi POS, certain requirements must be met. These common requirements include a Baxi device registration fee, two passport-size photos, a copy of a valid driver’s license, voter’s card, or international passport, bank account details, and proof of payment for the device. If your business is registered, you must provide a photocopy of the Certificate of Incorporation and relevant CAC forms. Additionally, a completed guarantor’s form and an agreement form are necessary. A three-hour mandatory training session on the Baxi platform and CDL Monitoring/Management software is also essential to ensure smooth operation. These prerequisites ensure the legitimacy and readiness of Baxi POS partners in Nigeria.


What are the requirements for Baxi POS?

To become a Baxi Partner and start a POS business, the following prerequisites are necessary:
– Two passport-size photographs.
– Photocopy of a valid driver’s license, Permanent Voters Card, or International Passport Data Page.
– Bank account details.
– Photocopy of Certificate of Incorporation & FORM CAC 2&7 OR Business Name Certificate and CAC Registration Form (where applicable).

What is the daily limit for Baxi?

The daily transaction limits for Baxi POS machines depend on the type of account:
– Baxi Flex: Daily transaction limit of N500,000.
– Baxi Pro: Daily transaction limit of N1,000,000. Upgrading to Baxi Pro requires an agent and guarantor passport, valid ID card, CDL legal agreement form, and BVN.

How do you program a POS machine?

Setting up a POS system involves the following steps:
1. Connect software and hardware.
2. Upload your products.
3. Enter users and permissions.
4. Set up payment methods.
5. Integrate with bookkeeping or other business software.

What is the WhatsApp number for the Baxi box?

To reach Baxi Box via WhatsApp, you can use the number 09080532234. This contact channel provides a convenient way to connect with Baxi Box for inquiries, support, or any assistance regarding their services.

Can you run a POS system without the Internet?

Hybrid POS systems can function online and offline, storing data locally and syncing with cloud-based servers when an internet connection is available.

How much does Moniepoint POS cost?

To acquire a Moniepoint POS terminal, you’ll need to pay N21,500. The terminal can be obtained within 48 hours after making a request, allowing you to accept various payment cards.

Who is the owner of Baxi POS?

MFS Africa has acquired Capricorn Digital, the parent company of Baxi. Capricorn Digital is known for being one of Nigeria’s significant digital solutions and distribution companies, boasting a vast network of 90,000 agents nationwide. While the exact acquisition amount remains undisclosed, this change in ownership reflects MFS Africa’s expansion into Nigeria’s digital payment and distribution market. MFS Africa is a Pan-African fintech company focused on enhancing financial inclusivity and interoperability across the continent.


To summarise, getting a Baxi POS in Nigeria is a good business opportunity. It would be best if you got it, the costs involved, daily targets, and what’s required. To succeed, understand the system, meet the requirements, set achievable daily goals, and manage the costs effectively. By doing this, businesses can make the most of Baxi POS for smoother financial transactions and business growth.

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