Okash Loan App: How to Apply for loan and Borrow Money From Opay Loan App Okash

If you have landed yourself on this page, I’m very sure you are here to learn how to obtain a loan from Opay (Okash). 

Well, in this article, we will provide you with detailed guidance on how to borrow money, step-by-step from Okash App, alongside how to download the app. Before we start, let me quickly explain what Opay and Okash are.

First of all, Opay is a digital mobile banking application, which is used for sending and receiving money alongside buying airtime, data, and paying of bills. While Okash on the other hand is a digital lending application which is used to obtain loans, Both Opay and Okash are managed by Blueridge microfinance bank, Okash acts as a subsidiary under Opay. 

Below are steps on how to apply for Okash loan, followed by an explanation on how to download the Okash App.

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Okash Loan App: How to Apply for loan and Borrow Money From Opay Loan App Okash

Before you can apply for Opay loan, you must first download okash app from Google Play store, below are steps on how to go about it;

Download Okash App

In order for you to download the okash app, for Android users you would need to head straight to Google Play store on your device, then search for okcash and install, Sadly iPhone users will not be able to download the okcash app because it is not yet available on Apple devices.


After you successfully downloaded the okash app, you would need to register first, in order to gain access into the lending interface, you can do this by simply providing your mobile number and a strong password and some other details in order to prove your identity.

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Apply for the loan

Click the Apply button, to seek for loan, before you loan can be granted you would still be required to provide additional requirements, this could include your bank statement, employment status, personal information e.t.c. after this you can hit the “submit” button.


Your loan application will undergo review, and if approved, funds will be deposited into your bank account within minutes. Keep in mind that Okash’s loan limits and interest rates depend on your creditworthiness and other factors. It’s crucial to carefully read the terms and conditions before accepting the offer. Ensure timely repayment to prevent penalties or harm to your credit score.

How to download Okash loan app

Downloading the Okash Opp is very easy, it doesn’t require any strenuous effort, for Android users, all you need to do is to, first of all ensure your devices has sufficient storage space alongside a stable internet connection.

  • Launch Google Play store
  • Click on the top Search bar and input “Okash” then search.
  • You should see something like “Okash: safe and reliable loan.
  • Click on install, to download the app onto your devices automatically.
  • After successfully installed, click on open to launch the app.

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Okash loan app APK Download

You can also the Okash loan Apk, this can done l by simply visiting Okash website;, by clicking this link, you would be directed to offical Okash website homepage, click on “Download from” to download the 12.56MB Apk.

Aside from the sources I mentioned, you can’t download the app from any other place. Downloading from anywhere else, aside from what is been outlined here would render your device exposed to security breach. 

Okash Interest Rate

Okash offers daily interest rates ranging from 0.1% to 1%, leading to annual interest rates between 36.5% and 360%. Alongside this, borrowers are required to pay an origination fee, which can vary between N1299 to N6000, depending on the loan amount. Okash provides flexible repayment periods, with the shortest option being 91 days and the longest being 365 days. These terms make Okash loans accessible to individuals seeking financial assistance with clear terms and options to suit their needs.

Okash Debt Management Tips

Be cautious while borrowing from Okash. To prevent going into too much debt, only take what you absolutely need. Plan out how you’ll repay it before you borrow so that you can make repayments. Make and stick to a budget that incorporates your loan payback strategy. Pay on time to maintain a good credit score, which can assist you in obtaining loans in the future.


Is OKash and Opay the same?

No, OKash and Opay are not the same. OKash is a specific service offered by Opay. It is Opay’s automated lending service in Nigeria, with a primary focus on providing quick access to credit for financially under-served or excluded individuals. OKash makes loan decisions in just 15 seconds, and if approved, the applicant receives funds within 5 minutes, operating 24/7. Opay, on the other hand, is a broader financial services platform that includes various services beyond lending, such as mobile payments and digital banking. So, OKash is a part of Opay’s suite of financial services, but they are not interchangeable.

How do I borrow money from OKash?

To borrow money from OKash, follow these steps:

  1. Install the OKash app from the Play Store.
  2. Register for an account.
  3. Choose the specific loan product you wish to apply for.
  4. Complete the application by providing your basic information.
  5. Submit the application.
  6. Be prepared for a possible verification call after submission.
  7. Once approved, e-sign the loan agreement.

These steps enable you to access quick and convenient loans through the OKash app, making it accessible to individuals in need of financial assistance.

What happens if you don’t pay OKash loan?

If you don’t pay an OKash loan on time, there may be penalties in the form of late fees. OKash typically offers a grace period of 7 days during which you can repay the loan without incurring any additional charges. However, if you fail to make the payment within this grace period, you may be subject to late fees or penalties as outlined in the terms and conditions of the loan agreement. It’s crucial to communicate with OKash if you anticipate difficulties in repaying the loan to explore possible solutions or extensions to avoid additional financial obligations.

What is the highest loan OKash can give?

The highest loan amount that OKash can provide is N500,000. This loan app is designed to offer loans for both personal and business purposes, making it a versatile option for individuals in Nigeria. With a user-friendly interface and a seamless user experience, OKash simplifies the process of obtaining loans, harnessing the convenience of technology to provide quick access to financial support. This maximum loan amount of N500,000 makes OKash a valuable resource for those seeking substantial financial assistance in Nigeria.

Can a loan app lock my phone ?

Certain loan apps have been reported to employ aggressive tactics, including locking a user’s phone when they are overdue on payments. Beyond issues like high interest rates, concealed fees, and violations of data privacy regulations, predatory digital lenders sometimes take drastic steps to compel debt repayment. This includes remotely locking a debtor’s device, rendering it unusable until the outstanding loan is settled. Such practices have raised serious concerns about the ethical conduct of some loan app providers and highlight the importance of careful consideration and due diligence when using such services to avoid potential pitfalls and infringements on user rights.


In conclusion, Always try to have a healthy borrowing habit, borrow what you need, and payback on time, this is necessary, inorder to avoid hurting your credit score, Don’t download the Okash App, from anywhere other than, Google play store and it’s offical website.

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