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How to get PayForce POS – charges, daily limit, Price, customer car number, office address

If you are interested in getting a Payforce P.O.S, and you are in doubt on how to go about it, then you are at the right place, Here we will be explaining every single detail about the payforce POS, such as; How to Become an agent, Charges related to the machine, it’s daily limit, and the cost of acquiring the machine. Sit back and glance at your screen while we delve deeper.

How to get PayForce POS

Getting a PayForce POS in Nigeria is a straightforward process that involves a few simple steps. Firstly, visit the PayForce website or go directly to your app store, such as Google Playstore or Apple Store, to download the PayForce POS app. Once installed, provide basic information about your business, including the company name and contact details. Choose the type of POS system that best suits your needs, ranging from mobile POS systems to full-scale retail solutions.

After selecting your preferred POS system, make the purchase on the PayForce website, providing additional details like your address and payment information. The PayForce team will then dispatch your POS system to your location, a process taking a few days to a week depending on your location.

Upon receiving your POS system, set it up yourself or seek assistance from a PayForce representative who can guide you through the process. Alternatively, if you’re looking to become a PayForce agent, download the beta version of the PayForce app, register, log in, navigate to settings, and request a POS terminal by completing a Google form.

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PayForce POS Charges

PayForce POS implements competitive transaction charges in Nigeria. Deposits incur a flat fee of 25 Naira. Withdrawals range from 30 Naira for 0-5000 Naira, 0.6% for 5001-16,500 Naira, a flat 110 Naira for 16,501-100,000 Naira, and 0.11% for amounts exceeding 100,000 Naira. Notably, transactions above 20,000 Naira attract a 5 Naira charge, and those exceeding 100 Naira incur a flat rate of 25 Naira. These rates position PayForce as a cost-effective choice for various financial transactions, offering flexibility and affordability for users.

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PayForce POS Daily Limit

PayForce POS provides agents with the flexibility to conduct transactions without imposing a daily limit, offering unrestricted service capabilities. Agents can seamlessly perform transactions without concerns about reaching predefined daily thresholds. While PayForce does not enforce specific daily transaction targets, maintaining transaction activity is essential to keep the POS machine active. Consistent failure to perform transactions may lead to the risk of retrieval. This approach ensures that agents have the freedom to serve a diverse clientele without restrictive daily limits while emphasizing the importance of sustained transaction engagement for POS machine continuity.

PayForce POS Price

PayForce POS machine is a cost-effective option for individuals starting a POS business in Nigeria in 2023.Payforce POS stands out as an affordable choice compared to competitors like Palmpay and Opay. Those interested in becoming PayForce agents can acquire the POS either from the company’s office or through local aggregators within their state. The official price is N21,500, including insurance, but it’s available from some agents at N25,000. This reasonable pricing strategy enhances accessibility and encourages individuals to invest in the PayForce POS for their financial service ventures.

PayForce POS customer care number

For both customers and agents, accessing assistance from PayForce is seamless through their customer care number. Dial 07000102030 or 09083841742 to connect with a customer representative who can address inquiries or provide assistance related to PayForce POS. Recognizing the importance of timely communication, the customer care number is available during business hours. Whether you’re a user seeking information or an agent requiring support for the POS machine, PayForce ensures that its customer care team is accessible, emphasizing prompt and efficient assistance for a positive user experience.

PayForce POS office address

PayForce POS customers and visitors can find the company’s office at Wildot Plaza, 903 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Utako, Abuja, Nigeria. If planning a visit, it’s advisable to confirm office hours and availability by calling ahead or checking the PayForce website. The physical office provides an avenue for face-to-face interactions, ensuring customers can address their needs in person. Additionally, for those unable to visit, the customer care team remains accessible through the provided phone numbers. The dedicated and knowledgeable team at the PayForce office is committed to offering responsive and helpful support for any inquiries or issues.


How much do POS agent charge customers?

Payforce charges customers varying service fees based on withdrawal amounts. Withdrawals up to N1,000 and N2,400 incur a N100 service charge, while amounts from N2,500 to N4,000 are charged N200. Withdrawals from N4,100 to N6,400 attract a N300 service fee, and N6,100 to N7,400 incur a N400 charge. The rates escalate for higher withdrawal amounts, providing a structured fee system for different transaction levels.

How good is Payforce?

Payforce is regarded as one of the best and most effective agency banking platforms. With a capped deposit rate at ₦25 for all amounts and a maximum withdrawal charge of 0.11% for amounts over ₦100,000, Payforce offers a competitive and efficient solution in the agency banking space.

Is Payforce a bank?

Nigerian neobank FairMoney is the owner of Payforce. The acquisition underscores FairMoney’s commitment to expanding financial services and merchant payment solutions in Nigeria.

Does Fairmoney have a POS machine?

Payforce by FairMoney offers a robust POS solution with a seamless interface, facilitating easy withdrawals, transfers, and bill payments. The network is reliable, and the platform provides attractive commissions for each transaction, making it a favorable choice for POS services.

Can I start POS business with 50k?

To start a POS business with Payforce, a minimum balance of N50,000 is sufficient. The simplicity of the business model means you don’t need an elaborate setup, reducing initial costs. Many successful POS businesses in Nigeria operate with just a table and chair strategically placed or a basic wooden shed, making it accessible for entrepreneurs with a limited budget.

How much can a POS agent make a day?

A POS agent in Nigeria can earn between 5,000-11,000 Naira per day with a favorable location and community trust. The thriving POS business in the country presents a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs, contributing to its rapid growth and attracting individuals seeking profitable ventures.

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