EasyBuy Login With Phone Number, Email, Online Portal, Website

EasyBuy, with its “Buy Now, Pay Later” option, offers customers a convenient way to purchase phones without paying the full amount upfront. In this article, we will provide a detailed guide on EasyBuy login methods, focusing on accessing your account through phone number, email, online portal, and website.

EasyBuy Login With Phone Number

Accessing your EasyBuy account with a phone number is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

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Install the Mobile EasyBuy App

Begin by installing the EasyBuy application on your mobile device. This app is the gateway to logging in and managing your account.

Launch the EasyBuy Application

Open the EasyBuy app to start the login process. The application provides access to various features and functionalities.

Select ‘Phone Number’ Login

Choose the ‘Phone Number Login’ option within the app. This selection directs you to the phone number login feature.

Receive Verification Code

Input your phone number and wait to receive a verification code. This code ensures the security and authenticity of your EasyBuy account.

Enter the Verification Code

Input the received verification code to complete the login process. This step confirms your identity as the account owner.

EasyBuy Login With Email Address

If you prefer logging in with your email address, follow these steps:

Install the Mobile EasyBuy App

Similar to the phone number login, start by installing the EasyBuy application on your mobile device.

Launch the EasyBuy Application

Open the EasyBuy app to access its features.

Select ‘Email Address’ Login

Choose the ‘Email Address Login’ option within the app.

Input Your Email Address

After selecting ‘Email Address Login,’ enter your email address associated with your EasyBuy account.

Verification Link

Wait for the verification link, which will be sent to your email address. This link confirms your ownership of the account.

Input Your Password

Enter your password during the login process. Ensure it matches the one used during registration and tap ‘Login.’

EasyBuy Login With Website

For users who prefer accessing EasyBuy through the official website, follow these steps:

Launch Your Browser

Open your web browser as the initial step.

Visit the EasyBuy Website

Navigate to the EasyBuy website at

Select ‘Email Address’ Login

Choose the ‘Email Address Login’ option on the website.

Input Your Email Address

After selecting ‘Email Address Login,’ input your email address associated with your EasyBuy account.

Verification Link

Wait for the verification link sent to your email address, confirming your ownership.

Input Your Password

Enter your password, ensuring it aligns with the one used during registration, and click ‘Login.’.


Can I apply for Easybuy online?

Yes, before purchasing a device from Easybuy, you need to make an appointment online or visit any mobile store in Nigeria with an Easybuy representative. To apply for Easybuy online, visit their website and fill out the application form with your phone number.

Is EasyBuy linked to PalmCredit?

Yes, EasyBuy is linked to PalmCredit. Transsion, the parent company, owns both services. PalmCredit operates as a digital lending platform owned by Transsion through a subsidiary called New Edge Finance. Although they are separate services, they collectively represent Transsion’s entry into the Nigerian financial system.

What is the age limit for EasyBuy?

EasyBuy has an age limit of 18 to 55 years.

Can I get an iPhone on EasyBuy?

Certainly, EasyBuy offers a diverse range of mobile phones, including popular models like iPhone, Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, Redmi, and more. Customers can find a variety of smartphones, from budget options to high-end flagship devices.

How to buy a phone on loan online?

To purchase a phone on loan online through EasyBuy:

  • Login to ALAT or sign up if you haven’t.
  • From the menu icons, click on “Loans.”
  • Choose “Device Loan” from the available loan options.
  • Select your preferred vendor and provide your debit card details for payment.
  • Choose your desired device.

This process allows you to buy a phone on credit, enabling you to pay for it later.

What is EasyBuy online?

Easybuy is a mobile device financing platform operated by Palmcredit, a consumer loan company. This platform enables users to purchase mobile phones and other devices on credit, with the flexibility to pay back in more comfortable monthly installments. It serves as a convenient solution for individuals looking to acquire smartphones and other gadgets through a financing arrangement.

How do I know if my phone is on EasyBuy?

To determine if a phone is associated with EasyBuy, check for the display term “EasyBuy” when attempting to reset the device. If the phone shows this term, it indicates a connection to an EasyBuy financing arrangement.

How do I pay EasyBuy without the app?

Repaying an EasyBuy loan without the app can be done through various methods:

Mobile Transfer: Contact Easybuy through their email address to request bank account details and use mobile transfer.
Bank Deposit: Visit the nearest bank and deposit the repayment amount in cash using Easybuy’s bank account details.
Easybuy Mobile Loan App: Utilize the user-friendly app to repay the loan conveniently.

Does EasyBuy work on Saturday?

Yes, EasyBuy operates from Mondays to Saturdays, between 8 am to 6 pm. This allows customers the flexibility to buy a phone and pay in installments, with an option to pay 30% upfront and settle the rest within 3, 4, or 6 months.

How do I repay my EasyBuy loan?

Repaying your EasyBuy loan is a simple process that involves the following steps:

  • Click on the Payment:
  • Select Your Repayment Period:
  • Choose Your Payment Method:
  • Enter Your PIN Code:
  • Complete the Process:

Confirm the details and complete the repayment process. Your payment will be processed, marking the successful repayment of your EasyBuy loan.

This straightforward 5-step operation makes repaying your EasyBuy loan a hassle-free experience.


EasyBuy offers multiple login options to cater to user preferences. Whether you choose to log in with a phone number, email address, or through the website, the process is designed to be user-friendly. Additionally, the “Buy Now, Pay Later” option adds a layer of flexibility for customers looking to make affordable purchases. By following the outlined steps, you can easily access your EasyBuy account and enjoy the convenience it offers in managing your funds and debts.

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