Lucky Loan Review: How To Apply, Customer Care Number, App Apk Download

If you are looking for a convenient way to borrow money, Lucky Loan got you covered, it is an online lending platform, that provides quick loans to individuals, with its flexible interest rate and repayment term, Lucky Loan is undoubtedly one of the best lending providers in Nigeria. In this article, we will be putting you through how to get the application into your mobile device, alongside applying for a loan.

Lucky Loan Review

Lucky Loan is a popular lending platform in Nigeria, which has over 34,000 Google Play Store reviews and 100,000 downloads, it has emerged as a reliable choice for individuals seeking financial aid. The app has earned a commendable 4.3-star rating, underscoring user satisfaction. This rating is a testament to the positive experiences and feedback shared by the app’s users, emphasizing its credibility and effectiveness in meeting the financial needs of its user base.

How To Apply For Lucky Loan

Download the App

Firstly, Visit the Google Play Store and Install the app on your mobile device then proceed to register using a valid phone number.


Create a secure password to safeguard your account.

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Personal and Financial Information

Input essential personal details such as name, date of birth, and other requested information.

Verify your identity by submitting valid identification documents for Know Your Customer (KYC) verification.

Provide necessary financial information, including income and employment details.

Loan Details

Choose your preferred loan amount and  Select a repayment term that suits your financial capacity.

Application Submission

Review your application for accuracy and completeness within the app and Submit.

Await Approval

Lucky Loan will process your application, and you’ll be informed of the approval status. Approval times may vary.

Funds Disbursement

If your application is approved, the funds will be disbursed directly to your registered bank account or mobile money wallet.

Lucky Loan Customer Care Number

For any inquiries regarding your account, assistance with transactions, or issues encountered on our platform, you can depend on Lucky Loan’s dedicated customer care team. By dialing the provided phone number, you will promptly connect with a knowledgeable representative prepared to assist you. The team’s steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional customer support ensures that your financial questions and concerns will be promptly addressed, guaranteeing a smooth and reliable experience when using Migo’s services. To contact Lucky Loan’s customer care, kindly call: +2347048970376.

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How to Download Lucky Loan app

  • Launch Google Play store
  • Click on the top Search bar and input “Lucky Loan” then search.
  • You should see something like “Lucky Loan”.
  • Click on install, to download the app onto your devices automatically.
  • After successfully installed, click on open to launch the app.

Lucky Loan app APK Download

To Download the Lucky Loan Apk, visit the official Lucky Loan website at Click on “Get it on Google Play Store” on the homepage to Apk. It’s crucial to download the app only from this authorized source to avoid potential security breaches. Downloading from any other location poses a risk to your device’s security.


How do I remove my information from a loan app?

To safeguard your information, navigate to your phone settings, access app permissions, locate the specific loan app, and revoke all granted permissions. By doing so, the app loses access to your phone data, including images, phone numbers, and email addresses, enhancing your privacy and control over personal information.

Can a loan app block my BVN?

Loan apps cannot block your BVN. In cases of repayment default, your information is reported to the National Credit Bureau, marking you as a high-risk borrower. While this doesn’t involve BVN blocking, it may affect your future loan eligibility across various platforms.

Can loan apps access my contacts?

Recent updates by Google prohibit loan apps from accessing sensitive user data like photos, videos, and contacts on the Play Store. This change, effective from May 31, 2023, enhances user privacy and limits the potential misuse of personal information by loan apps.

How do I get a loan app to stop calling my contacts?

To halt loan apps from contacting your contacts, access your device settings, go to “Apps” or “Application Manager,” locate the specific loan app, tap on it, select “Permissions,” and disable the permission to access your contacts. This ensures your contacts’ privacy is maintained.

Are loan apps allowed to call your contacts in Nigeria?

Following Google’s update, loan apps are no longer permitted to access phone contacts. However, some may request emergency contacts during the loan application process. It’s essential to be aware of these changes and make informed decisions when providing contact information to loan apps in Nigeria.

Can loan apps access my photos?

According to the updated Google Policy effective May 31, personal loan apps are prohibited from accessing user contacts or photos. This enhances user privacy by restricting the app’s ability to collect sensitive personal data.

What are the top illegal loan apps in Nigeria?

Some of the identified illegal loan apps in Nigeria include “Getloan, Joy Cash-Loan Up to 1,000,000, Camelloan, Cashlawn, Nairaloan, Eaglecash, Moneytreefinance Made Easy, Luckyloan Personal Loan,” among others. Users should exercise caution and avoid engaging with these potentially unauthorized services.

How can I stop loan app harassment in Nigeria?

To halt loan app harassment, contact regulatory authorities such as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), and National Information and Technology Development Agency (NITDA). Reporting the issue to these bodies can prompt regulatory actions against the offending loan apps, ensuring consumer protection and legal recourse.

Why are loan apps rejecting me?

Loan applications may be rejected due to various reasons, such as a poor credit score, lack of collateral, insufficient income, absence of credit history, high debt-to-income ratio, or recent bankruptcy. Lenders assess these factors to determine the borrower’s creditworthiness and ability to repay.

What happens if a loan is not paid on apps?

Failing to repay an online loan promptly may lead to legal action by the lender, including measures like wage garnishment or bank account levies, depending on the terms of the loan agreement and applicable state laws.

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