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How To Check First Bank Account Number via SMS

Three Method That Works

You have just opened an account with First Bank and find yourself in need of retrieving your account number, you’ve come to the right resource. This guide will provide you with various methods for checking your First Bank account number, including through SMS.

Your bank account number holds significant importance, It’s crucial to have easy access to your account number as it plays a key role in receiving expected funds.

unfortunately, it’s common for individuals to neglect writing down their account number or committing it to memory after opening an account. This can lead to situations where they don’t have the number readily available when necessary.

To avoid this situation, ensure that you keep your account number in a secure location where you can quickly retrieve it in case of emergencies. If you happen to forget or misplace your account number, we’ve compiled a list of uncomplicated ways through which you can obtain it from your bank.

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How To Check First Bank Account Number Via SMS

To retrieve your account number via SMS, you can utilize the dedicated USSD code for First Bank, which is *894#. This USSD code, known as First Bank Quick Banking, offers customers a convenient and secure way to conduct various banking activities using any mobile device. You can perform tasks such as checking your account balance, paying bills, buying airtime, transferring funds, and more, anytime and anywhere.

To access your account number using the Quick Banking code, follow these steps:

  • Activate First Bank mobile banking by dialing *894*00# and providing the necessary details.
  • Dial *894# from the mobile number associated with your First Bank account.
  • Enter your mobile PIN when prompted on the USSD menu.
  • Select the option for “account number” from the menu and send your choice.
  • You will receive a text message containing your account number.

It’s recommended that you keep your account number in a readily accessible place, such as saving it as a contact on your phone.

Other methods To Check First Bank Account Number

If you lack the necessary requirements to check your First Bank account number via SMS, Here are alternative methods;

First bank Mobile App

One convenient option is to use the First Bank mobile app, provided you have it installed on your smartphone. The mobile app offers a range of features, including viewing your account details, conducting transfers, making bill payments, and more.

To retrieve your account number using the First Bank Mobile App:

  • Launch the mobile app. You should already be logged in.
  • Locate the “Manage Account” section and access it.
  • Within the account management options, select the feature for retrieving your account number.
  • Your account number will be promptly displayed on the screen.

By navigating to the “Manage Account” section, choosing the account number option, and following these steps, you’ll be able to easily access your First Bank account number using the mobile app.

First Bank Social Media Handle

Many people are active on various social media platforms, leading banks to establish their own social media presence to address customer concerns more conveniently.

You can easily connect with a customer service representative from First Bank through their official social media accounts on platforms like Twitter or Facebook. To retrieve your account number, follow these steps:

  • Locate the verified First Bank official account on your chosen social media platform to avoid falling victim to online scams.
  • Initiate a conversation by sending a message to the official account, detailing the assistance you require. Expect a prompt response.
  • The customer care agent may ask for specific details to verify your identity. Provide the necessary information, and once your account is successfully located, they will share your account number with you.

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How do I check my first bank account?

Dial *894*00# using the phone number linked to your First Bank account. Select “Balance Enquiry” from the menu options. Enter your 4-digit PIN to confirm your request. Your account balance will be displayed on the screen.

What is the code for first bank?

The First Bank transfer code, *894#, provides a secure and convenient way to perform various banking tasks such as fund transfers, bill payments, airtime purchases, and balance checks. This code is accessible on all mobile phones, regardless of the network, enabling easy and efficient banking transactions.

Which app can I use to check my BVN details?

The NIBSS Validation Portal is a reliable option to securely verify and update your BVN details, eliminating the need to visit a bank. You can confirm or correct information like your name, birthdate, and phone number conveniently through this platform, ensuring accuracy and convenience. Access the NIBSS Validation Portal to quickly view and validate your BVN information without the necessity of visiting a physical bank branch.

What is the 5 digit PIN for First Bank?

The First Bank 5-digit PIN, or MPIN, serves as a confidential authentication for USSD transactions. It’s essential to select a memorable PIN during setup to ensure easy recollection for secure and seamless transactions. This unique 5-digit code safeguards and verifies transactions conducted through USSD, enhancing your banking experience.

How do I generate my first bank OTP with USSD code?

To generate a First Bank OTP via USSD, dial *322*0# on your phone. The OTP will be sent to your registered number. Open the banking app and input the received OTP in the designated field to complete the authentication process. This method ensures secure verification of transactions and access to your First Bank account.

Can my BVN be linked to two numbers?

BVN is linked to multiple bank accounts, not numbers. Each person has one BVN tied to various accounts. Diamond Bank’s claim of issuing new BVNs is incorrect; BVNs are centrally managed by a CBN department. BVN is a biometric registration with fingerprints and face detection.


maintaining easy access to your First Bank account number is vital for smooth financial transactions. Utilize methods like *894# USSD code, First Bank mobile app, and social media channels to retrieve your account number swiftly. Safeguard this information for emergencies and efficient banking interactions, ensuring a secure and convenient banking experience.

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