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How To Get 5 Digit Pin For First Bank Transfer

Are you finding it difficult to recall your 5-digit PIN while facing difficulties during a transaction? This guide is here to assist you in retrieving your First Bank PIN. We urge you to continue reading until the end to fully understand the steps for recovering your PIN and ensuring secure transactions.

To enhance security, authentication, and transaction verification, First Bank Nigeria offers customers the option to create a unique 5-digit PIN. This PIN plays a crucial role in preventing fraudulent activities by unauthorized third parties attempting to access your account.

Safeguarding your First Bank Nigeria account necessitates the creation of a memorable PIN, which will serve as a means of confirming all the transactions conducted through your account.

If you’re prepared to learn how to retrieve your First Bank 5-digit PIN, let’s proceed with the essential information.

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The FirstBank 5 Digit PIN

The FirstBank 5-digit PIN, often referred to as the “mPIN,” serves as an exclusive personal identification number utilized by all digital banking customers, encompassing those engaged in mobile banking, online banking, and USSD banking. Its primary function is to verify and validate each transaction carried out.

The absence of your FirstBank 5-digit PIN renders you incapable of conducting any form of transaction from your account, irrespective of your account ownership status.

Uniqueness underscores the essence of the 5-digit PIN, with sole possession being restricted to the account holder alone. Safeguarding your account from potential fraudulent activities is facilitated through the monthly alteration of your PIN. It is very essential to use a straightforward and easily memorable 5-digit PIN

Exercise caution to prevent divulging potential hints regarding your PIN to external parties. This entails refraining from utilizing personal details like your name and date of birth while formulating your 5-digit PIN.

Requirements To Get 5 Digit Pin For First Bank Transfer

This is The following requirements needed to retrieve your FirstBank Nigeria mPIN, you’ll need:

  • You must be a FirstBank Nigeria account holder
  • You must have an active individual account
  • You must have an active ATM debit card from FirstBank Nigeria
  • A mobile phone
  • An active phone number linked to your FirstBank account

How To Get 5 Digit Pin For First Bank Transfer

To Retrieve your 5 digit pin for first bank transfer, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Dial *894*0# on your mobile phone
  • A prompt with the list of debit cards associated with your FirstBank Nigeria account will be displayed.
  • Choose the debit card you want to use.
  • Enter the 4-digit PIN for the selected debit card.
  • A new screen will prompt you to create your 5-digit PIN.
  • create a strong and memorable 5-digit pin to complete the process.

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How do I get my five-digit PIN in the first bank?

To retrieve your First Bank five-digit PIN, dial 894*0#, select a linked debit card, input its 4-digit PIN, and proceed to create a new 5-digit PIN. This process ensures secure access to your account and enhances transaction authentication.

How to Register First Bank Transfer Code without ATM Card

To enroll in the First Bank Transfer Code without an ATM card, dial *894# on your mobile, choose “1,” input your account number, provide personal details, including full name and birthdate, create a 5-digit PIN for transaction authorization, and confirm the PIN to finalize the registration.

How do I find my first bank ATM card number?

Locate your First Bank ATM card number on the card’s front. In case of loss or damage, promptly block the card to safeguard your bank account from potential compromise.

What is the code for First Bank?

The First Bank transfer code is *894#, accessible on any mobile network. It provides a secure and convenient method for money transfers, bill payments, airtime purchases, and balance checks. This code, *894#, empowers users to manage their accounts easily using their mobile phones.

How can I know my First Bank card number by SMS?

To retrieve your First Bank account number via SMS, dial *894#, follow the prompts, choose Quick Banking, then Enquiry Services and Account Number Enquiry. This process guides you to access your account number conveniently through your mobile phone.

How do I find my first bank ATM PIN?

To retrieve your First Bank ATM PIN, you can visit the nearest branch. Inform them of your forgotten PIN, answer security questions, and receive a default PIN. This enables you to use the ATM; afterward, you can modify the PIN to your preference. This process ensures secure and personalized access to your account.


Safeguarding your First Bank Nigeria account is paramount, and the 5-digit PIN plays a vital role in ensuring secure transactions and preventing unauthorized access. Retrieving your PIN involves a straightforward process, enhancing account security. Remember to maintain the uniqueness and memorability of your PIN while refraining from sharing hints with external parties. By following the provided steps, you can confidently manage your transactions and enjoy the convenience of digital banking with First Bank.

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