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How To Get Kudi POS – Kudi Pos withdrawal charges, machine price and daily target

Are you interested in obtaining a Kudi POS machine in Nigeria and learning about the associated withdrawal charges, machine pricing, and daily transaction targets? Look no further. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the essential information you need. Kudi POS, a leading digital banking platform in Nigeria, offers a convenient solution for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to accept debit and credit card payments, understand transactional fees, or explore the machine’s pricing, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, we’ll discuss how you can get a Kudi POS Machince. Stay tuned to discover everything you need to know about Kudi POS.

Kudi POS withdrawal charges

Kudi POS withdrawal charges are designed to be straightforward and cost-effective, making it a compelling choice for businesses and individuals in Nigeria. These charges are transparent and based on specific withdrawal amounts. For withdrawals below ₦10,000, a nominal withdrawal charge of ₦100 applies. If your withdrawal falls within the range of ₦10,000 to ₦50,000, a slightly higher charge of ₦200 is levied. For more substantial withdrawals exceeding ₦50,000, a withdrawal charge of ₦300 is imposed.

It’s important to note that these charges are not calculated as a percentage of your total sales. Instead, they are fixed fees based on your withdrawal amount. For example, if you withdraw ₦15,000, a withdrawal charge of ₦200 will be applicable. Additionally, Kudi POS incurs a transactional charge of 0.70% per transaction, which applies to withdrawals, transfers, and deposits. This percentage-based fee ensures that the cost remains predictable and affordable for users, with no hidden charges involved. Kudi POS is known for its competitive rates, making it an attractive option for merchants and agents.

Kudi POS machine price

The cost of acquiring a Kudi POS machine is a one-time payment of ₦20,000. This upfront fee covers the device’s purchase, enabling businesses to accept card payments and provide a seamless payment experience for their customers. While the Kudi POS terminals themselves are offered for free when you have a Nomba account, the ₦20,000 payment serves as a security deposit or cautionary fee. This deposit is intended to ensure that users are committed to meeting the transaction targets associated with the Kudi POS terminal.

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It’s important to note that this cautionary fee is nonrefundable unless the POS machine is returned to Nomba. The Kudi POS machine is designed to be reliable and user-friendly, equipped with essential features to simplify business transactions and enhance customer satisfaction through the acceptance of card payments. Therefore, the ₦20,000 investment represents a cost-effective way for businesses in Nigeria to expand their payment options and improve their service offerings.

Kudi POS daily target

Kudi POS distinguishes itself by not imposing any daily targets for its users, offering unparalleled flexibility to both merchants and businesses. Unlike some other payment solutions that require meeting specific daily sales goals, Kudi POS liberates its users from such constraints. With Kudi POS, there is no need to worry about reaching a daily target or facing penalties for failing to do so.

This absence of a daily target is a significant advantage, particularly for businesses with fluctuating sales or those needing to withdraw varying amounts regularly. This flexibility empowers merchants to access their funds as needed, regardless of their sales volume. Kudi POS grants users the liberty to manage their cash flow according to their unique business requirements, eliminating unnecessary restrictions.

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How to Get Kudi POS Machine

Below is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to get and apply for a Kudi POS machine;

1. Begin by visiting the Nomba website, where you will need to create a Kudi account. This is the initial step to initiate the application process.

2. Once you’ve accessed the website, complete the Kudi registration form by filling in your required details. After filling out the form, submit it for further processing.

3. For security purposes, you will need to verify your phone number and email address by entering the One-Time Password (OTP) sent to you.

4. After confirming your contact information, follow the provided prompts to log in to your Kudi account.

5. On your account dashboard, navigate to the “Accept Payments” section and select the “Terminals” option.

6. Within the “Terminals” menu, you will find the “Request Terminal” option. Click on it to proceed with your application.

7. Complete the Kudi POS registration form, providing the necessary information as requested. Once you’ve filled out the form, submit it for review.

8. After you’ve submitted your application, the Kudi Nomba team will review it. This review process typically takes between 24 to 48 hours. Be prepared for the possibility of your application being either approved or declined.

9. If your application is approved, the Kudi team will provide you with detailed instructions on how to obtain your POS machine. In case your application is declined, don’t worry, as you can reapply at a later time.

You can also apply for a Kudi POS machine by visiting a nearby Kudi branch or contacting their customer support. They will guide you through the process and handle your request from start to finish.


How much is Kudi’s transaction charge?

Kudi POS charges are known for being relatively low and straightforward. Every transaction conducted by a Kudi POS agent incurs a fee of 0.7% of the transaction amount. This means that for every transaction processed using the Kudi POS machine, a modest 0.7% charge is deducted. Additionally, it’s important to note that agents have the flexibility to set their own fees for customer withdrawals. This rate ensures that Kudi offers competitive and affordable transaction fees, making it an attractive option for businesses and individuals in Nigeria.

What is the new name for Kudi POS?

Kudi, the Nigerian fintech startup, has rebranded to “Nomba.” This transformation marks the company’s shift towards becoming an omni-channel payment platform. As Nomba, the company is focused on providing a comprehensive set of tools and services that enable businesses to expand and thrive. The name change reflects their broader scope, encompassing a wide range of financial services and solutions beyond just point-of-sale (POS) services.

Is Kudi a bank?

No, Kudi is not a bank. It is a financial service provider that offers access to electronic banking and financial services through conversational interfaces, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. Kudi’s primary focus is to enhance financial inclusion in emerging markets by providing convenient and accessible financial services.

Why did Kudi change their name?

Kudi changed its name to Nomba to reflect its transition from a single payment platform to an omnichannel payment platform. This rebranding aligns with its broader range of financial services and tools designed to support businesses’ growth, making the new name more suitable for their expanded offerings.

How do I fund my Kudi wallet?

To fund your Kudi wallet, you can follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the Kudi app’s homepage.
2. Click on the “Fund wallet” option.
3. Enter the amount you wish to add to your wallet.
4. Choose “Bank Transfer” as your preferred payment method.
5. From the list of available banks, select the one you’ll be transferring funds from.
6. Dial the USSD string provided in response to your selection.
7. In your bank’s USSD response, select Providus Bank as the recipient bank.

Following these steps allows you to easily fund your Kudi wallet, making it ready for various financial transactions and payments.

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