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Opay Failed Transactions: How to Cancel Pending Transaction on Opay

It is a very annoying thing to have one’s transaction pending for several hours, even after you have been debited, this is a common issue people usually face when transacting with any bank in Nigeria, but it is essential to note that this issue doesn’t just happen like that, there are reasons to both failed and pending transactions, ranging from service downtime to insufficient funds, so for the purpose of this content we would be looking into; How to Cancel Pending Transaction on Opay, alongside highlighting ways on how to stop such from arising again in the near future, but before we delve into it, let’s quickly look into reasons for failed transaction.

What is Opay and How Does it Works

OPay, a mobile payment and financial services platform operating in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania, facilitates payments, money transfers, and purchases through its mobile app. Users can utilize QR code scanning for transactions, transfer funds to other OPay users, and engage in commerce with merchants accepting OPay. Beyond basic transactions, OPay extends its services to include financial offerings like loans, savings accounts, and insurance, providing users with a comprehensive suite of financial solutions within the convenience of a mobile platform.

Reasons For Failed Transactions On Opay

Low Balance 

Insufficient balance emerges as a common culprit for transaction failures. Users must ensure their Opay accounts contain adequate funds before initiating any transactions. This precautionary step can be easily accomplished by checking the Opay balance through the app or USSD code.

Poor Internet 

Network-related problems pose another significant challenge. Poor internet connectivity can disrupt transactions, emphasizing the importance of a stable connection. If faced with network issues during a transaction, users are advised to retry after re-establishing a reliable connection.

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Wrong Beneficiaries

Inaccurate information entry, such as incorrect bank account details, stands out as a preventable cause of transaction failures. Users are encouraged to double-check and verify the accuracy of the provided information before proceeding with a transaction.

Service provider issues, beyond Opay’s control, may contribute to transaction failures. In such cases, reaching out to Opay customer service becomes a viable solution for assistance.

Service Downtime

Downtime, whether due to device issues, internet problems, or Opay platform maintenance, can lead to transaction timeouts. Users experiencing a timeout are advised to retry the transaction at a later time.

Transaction Limits

Opay imposes transaction limits, and exceeding these limits can result in transaction failures. Users should be aware of their transaction limits and ensure compliance before initiating transactions.

How to Cancel Pending Transactions on Opay

Canceling a pending transaction on Opay involves a straightforward process, and users can choose between two methods outlined below:

In the first method, users are advised to contact Opay’s customer support. This involves reaching out to Opay’s support team, providing transaction details, and following the instructions given. Patience is emphasized as canceling a pending transaction may take time, and users are encouraged to check for confirmation once the process is completed.

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The second method, involves logging into the Opay account, accessing the transaction history section, locating the pending transaction, and initiating the cancellation through the app. Confirmation messages will be received, ensuring the cancellation is successful. Users are reminded to act promptly for better success rates, especially since certain transactions may not be cancellable once processed.


Can I cancel a transaction on OPay?

Yes, you can cancel a transaction on OPay by following a two-step process. First, initiate the refund request, and then verify the refund status. This can be done through the OPay app.

How do I reverse an OPay transaction?

To reverse an OPay transaction, report it immediately in the Support tab of the OPay app. Include the transaction number and a screenshot of the transaction receipt. Reversals typically happen instantly to the cardholder’s account.

Why is my OPay payment pending?

The primary reason for a pending OPay payment is often insufficient account balance. If your Opay wallet or linked bank account lacks the necessary funds to cover the transaction amount and associated fees, the payment may remain pending. It is crucial to ensure that you have an adequate balance before initiating a transaction to avoid such issues. Regularly check your Opay wallet or linked bank account to confirm that there are sufficient funds available for seamless transactions.

What happens if a pending payment doesn’t go through?

If a pending payment doesn’t go through, the charge eventually expires, and the amount is returned to the debit or credit account. Merchants are informed that funds are available even if the transaction hasn’t cleared.

What if I mistakenly sent money to the wrong OPay account?

Contact OPay Customer Support through their website or mobile app. Provide details such as the transaction ID, recipient’s information, and the amount sent. OPay’s customer support will guide you through the resolution process.

How long does it take to get money back from a failed transaction?

Refunds for failed “Not-on-Us” ATM transactions, where customers use their cards on other banks’ ATMs, are expedited and should not exceed 48 hours, an improvement from the previous 3-5 days. Similarly, resolution for disputed or failed PoS or Web transactions is aimed to be concluded within 72 hours, down from the previous five (5) days.

How do I complain about a failed transaction?

If your bank fails to resolve your complaint within the specified timeline, direct your complaints to the Consumer Protection Department (CPD). Address your letter of complaint to the Director, Consumer Protection Department, providing details of the unresolved issue.

What does a pending transaction mean?

A pending transaction refers to a financial transaction that has been initiated but hasn’t completed the processing cycle. For instance, when you make a purchase using a debit or credit card, it may immediately appear as pending in your account online or in a mobile banking app. This status indicates that the transaction is in progress and hasn’t been fully processed or cleared yet. Pending transactions can occur for various reasons, such as authorization checks or delays in processing, and they generally resolve once the transaction is completed.

How do I chat with OPay?

Use the self-service or live chat feature on the OPay app to connect with a customer service representative. Alternatively, reach out through their verified social media pages.

How to earn ₦800 on OPay?

Existing OPay customers can earn ₦800 by referring friends using their unique link or code. Once friends sign up and meet the specified conditions, they receive ₦1200, and the referrer earns ₦800.

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