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Top 10 WhatsApp TV With The Highest Views in Nigeria

WhatsApp TV has become a significant platform for entertainment, information sharing, and even entrepreneurship in Nigeria. These channels cover a wide range of topics, including news, lifestyle, gossip, politics, entertainment, fashion, and more. The creators of WhatsApp TVs put in efforts to curate and deliver content aimed at keeping followers entertained and engaged. Here is a comprehensive look at the top 10 WhatsApp TVs with the highest views in Nigeria;

Top 10 WhatsApp TV With The Highest Views in Nigeria


With over 20,000 daily views, BABAFAROS TV is a well-constructed channel that primarily focuses on entertainment, news, and the latest happenings in Nigeria, especially in the field of education. Managed by a popular OAU student, it serves as an excellent platform for local and international businesses to advertise their products and services.


FunYard, with over 15,000 daily views, specializes in engaging content such as entertainment, lifestyle, and fun. The channel features interactive challenges like the “CharlieCharlie Challenge” and offers advertising services for businesses looking to reach a broader audience.

Infinity WhatsApp TV

Infinity WhatsApp TV uniquely caters to football enthusiasts, providing accurate information and an all-round football entertainment experience. The channel also offers advertising opportunities for businesses to promote their products and services to a highly targeted audience.

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OAK TV secures its place among the top WhatsApp TV channels with over 400,000 contacts. Specializing in informative and entertaining content across categories such as news, events, entertainment, and lifestyle, OAK TV stands out for its daily giveaways, making it a must-join channel for many in Nigeria.


LXG TV, owned by Victor Udochukwu, a graduate of the Lagos State University, amasses over 10,000 daily views. Specializing in recording weddings, capturing moments through pictures, and creating engaging content, LXG TV keeps its followers entertained and engaged.

Fresh Update TV

With about 14,000 daily views, Fresh Update TV stands as a reputable channel focusing on entertainment, celebrities’ lifestyles, fun, gist, and gossip. Offering a Telegram channel for movie downloads, Fresh Update TV provides an extra layer of entertainment for its viewers.


Originally known as “African Cooking Pot,” POT TV MEDIA has evolved into a reputable WhatsApp TV focusing on news and entertainment. With a history dating back to 2016, it has become one of the most active and respected channels in Nigeria.

Trendz TV

Trendz TV offers a diverse range of content, including information, breaking news, memes, hookups, confessions, and insights into Nigerian education and culture. Positioned as a trusted source of information about Nigeria, Trendz TV caters to students with educational content and interesting facts about the country.

Recycle TV

Renowned for its mature and ethical content, Recycle TV stands out with a collection of memes, funny videos, and trending updates. The channel also organizes referral contests, providing participants with the opportunity to win exciting prizes.

Live Media TV

Live Media TV takes the lead with approximately 15,000 daily views, making it a prime platform for advertising and business promotion. Known for its diverse content, including entertainment, funny memes, and news updates, Live Media TV ensures round-the-clock entertainment for its followers.


Can I make money from WhatsApp TV?

Making money from your WhatsApp TV is possible, but it requires a large audience. Building a substantial fan base is crucial, treating your WhatsApp TV as a business. Traffic is key to online earnings, so investing time in growing your viewership is essential.

Is WhatsApp channel available in Nigeria?

Yes, WhatsApp Channel is now available in Nigeria. You can create a WhatsApp channel directly from your WhatsApp messenger or WhatsApp Business App by updating the app from your respective app stores.

How do I make my WhatsApp TV successful?

To make your WhatsApp TV successful, follow these steps:

  • Get a good phone.
  • Choose a niche.
  • Select a name.
  • Create a WhatsApp Business for your TV.
  • Post quality content.
  • Grow your WhatsApp status views.

Does WhatsApp pay you?

Yes, you can make money from WhatsApp Business. With its rich marketing and commerce functionalities, WhatsApp serves as a revenue-generating platform. Businesses can leverage its capabilities for closer customer engagement, turning it into a powerful tool for earning money through various means.

Which platform pays through WhatsApp views?

The Druve app is a platform that pays users for every ad posted to their WhatsApp status, provided they receive a minimum of 42 views on each status. Payments are made to the registered bank account based on the view grade, encompassing both the posted link and image.

How to get 1,000 followers daily?

To gain 1,000 followers daily on Instagram, maintain regular posting, transform your account into a business profile, engage your existing followers, diversify your audience, and post content that can be easily re-shared. Consistency, interaction, and appealing content are key factors in attracting and retaining followers.

Does TikTok pay for views?

TikTok pays creators through the Creator Fund program, offering between $0.02 and $0.04 per 1,000 views. This means that for a million views, creators can earn $20 to $40. TikTok provides a monetization avenue for top creators, rewarding them for their content’s popularity on the platform.

Who is WhatsApp ambassador in Nigeria?

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the global ambassador for WhatsApp and holds a significant role in connecting with the Nigerian audience. His personal connection to Nigeria, through his mother singing him Igbo lullabies, has deepened his commitment to preserving his Nigerian roots. In collaboration with CAFF (Giannis’ Cultural Ambassador for Future Families), he works towards safeguarding his cultural heritage for future generations, making him a prominent figure as WhatsApp’s ambassador in Nigeria.

Does Facebook pay Nigerians for reels?

Currently, Facebook Reels does not offer direct monetization for users in Nigeria. However, there are indirect ways to monetize Reels content. Building a substantial following on Facebook increases opportunities for monetization. While direct payment for Reels in Nigeria is not available, creators can explore alternative avenues, such as brand partnerships, sponsored content, or leveraging their audience for other income streams. It emphasizes the importance of a strong follower base to maximize potential earnings through various monetization channels on the platform.


WhatsApp TV has undoubtedly become a powerhouse of entertainment, information, and business promotion in Nigeria. The top 10 channels highlighted in this article showcase the diversity and creativity that these platforms offer. As WhatsApp TV continues to evolve, it remains a dynamic space for both creators and viewers, fostering connections and engagement across the nation

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